Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review for Sobe Life Water B-Energy--Black Cherry Dragonfruit


60 mg


Not as common as I would like it to be, but you’re still bound to live near at least one place that has it.


This beverage comes in a nice bottle to look upon—I quite like the greens, the purples, and the leafy pattern in the background.  In addition, they did a good job of making it not look trashy in the least bit, which always seems to happen when you’re dealing with shrink wrap.  That stated, I find the name to be misleading—the energy here does NOT come from the b-vitamins—it’s from the respectable amount of guarana that Sobe had the wisdom of mixing in.


You know, this doesn’t taste half bad—it’s bit light on the flavor, but hey—it’s Life Water after all.  The flavors of the dragonfruit (archetypal tropical flavor) and the black cherries (you know what those taste like) go pretty well together, and what’s more, you don’t taste the stevia—which is fantastic; stevia is best used to the point where you can’t taste it at all (to explain—stevia is technically used as a sweetener; in my opinion its overbearing intensity and supremely acrid aftertaste make it better suited for chemical weaponry).  If you’re looking for something moderately (see below) energizing and hydrating, I’d say this is a good bet.


I didn’t drink this in an hour of great energy need.  It wasn’t all that late, but I was studying, and could have used some extra help with focusing.  In summary, this made me feel pleasantly awake and alert—you know, the energy level where you’re thinking, “Hmm…I’m pleasantly awake and alert.  I like this.”


Two hours without the slightest crash.


Again—excellent mid-range hydrating drink.  It has enough caffeine to deliver a decent boost, but not so much that you’ll be urinating yourself silly.


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  1. i saw my local pepsi salesperson / stock person in the store today and they told me this flavor has been discontinued. sucsk bcuz i need the taste & kick it gives me to stay awake on long nights


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