Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review for Liquid Nitro Lean Energy Shooter


200 mg


Big at Circle K’s in Washington (at least), but elsewhere it’s pretty hard to come by.


Not much to say here that wasn’t stated in my review of the original Liquid Nitro Energy Shooter—I like the simple, old-school Liquid Nitro design and I like the tall, 3 oz. bottle; the only thing I would do is add the pictures of the fruits from the other energy shot—might tone down the red a bit and make it look nicer.


So turns out that in terms of flavor, this is exactly the same as Liquid Nitro Energy Shooter.  Does this bother me?  No.  I was glad to have the chance to partake once again of the flavor that opened my eyes to the fact that not only do energy shots not have to taste like the medicine cabinet threw up into the berry flavoring, but can taste really, really, really delicious—the only way to describe this shot is as ‘three full ounces of melon and berry deliciousness’…and from there, I can only say you must try it for yourself.


Turns out that as far as kick is concerned, this is also exactly the same as the original—a beautiful, non-jittery blast of energy that will blow you out of your sleepy stupor and have you buzzing joyfully about whatever it is you need to get done.


Four hours, no crash!


So now that I’ve reviewed this shot, you’re probably wondering: how is this any different from the original?  Well, it has to do with the “lean” part more than anything else.  See, after drinking it, I wondered the same thing.  I looked over the ingredients to find that it contained exactly the same fruits, and the nutrition facts were all the same; turns out that this shot contains Super CitriMax and ChromeMate, which are supposed to decrease appetite, decrease fat production, etc.  I don’t think I noticed any of the effects (not surprising, since I only had one), but I can tell you that this shot is good enough to be made a staple in any energy junkie’s regimen; if you find that the extra weight controlling ingredients work for you, then so much the better!

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