Monday, August 22, 2011

Review for Jamba Strawberry Banana


80 mg


Available at Jamba Juice locations, but I haven’t seen them elsewhere.


By and large acceptable.  The graphics are fairly standard, but the color scheme is nice and Jamba-esque, eliciting thoughts in the mind of both health and deliciousness.  In this respect, I deem the getup a success.


As was the case with the crisp apple version of this drink, the taste is quite badly marred by the unnecessary addition of the natural (and thoroughly vile) sweetener Stevia rebaudina.  Without the stuff the drink might have tasted alright (I’m not as much a fan of the strawberry/banana combination as I am crisp apple), but as is the stevia aftertaste is extraordinarily unpleasant and exceptionally distracting.


Very mild (though effective) in its action, but plenty adequate if a small boost is all that is needed.


Duration is passable, but this drink should be passed over in favor of something more long-lasting if one needs to stay awake for an appreciable amount of time.


I would feel at least alright about recommending this drink if it didn’t taste as bad as it does, and it wouldn’t taste so bad if it weren’t for that blasted stevia.  If stevia doesn’t bother you, more power to you; give this a shot.  But if you, like myself, find the stuff to be overwhelming or just plain disgusting or both, I’d definitely pass this stuff over.

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