Friday, November 16, 2012

Review for Up To 10 Hour Super Charge--Kiwi Melon

Herbal medicine is both a blessing and a curse.  On one hand, nothing helps me get to sleep on those nights of tossing and turning faster than a half tablespoon of valerian.  On the other hand, it makes it dang hard to get myself up and going in the morning—almost like I’d napped for too long rather than got a good night’s slept the night before.

I always find it commendable when an energy product can work around those things and get me going.  I hated yesterday’s “Up To 10 Hour” Super Charge (concord grape flavor) enough that I figured I’d better review one of the other flavors today to make sure my perspective hadn’t been skewed by the devastating apathy demonstrated on part of the creators.  What better time could I pick to put it to the test than on a morning when I was dragging my feet in a valerian-induced stupor?




Only place I can find it is at a local supermarket limited to three locations here in eastern Idaho.  The truth is that I wish it were less common.


I don’t think there’s any need to go through this again.  The gist is that it’s some of the worst packaging I’ve ever seen on an energy product, ever.  If you feel like reading all five paragraphs elaborating on that, you can read it in my review of the Concord Grape flavor here.


Not as bad as it smells—which is good, because I’m sure the one whiff I dared take burnt my nose hairs.  However, it tastes basically nothing like kiwi—or melon, unless you count a watered-down, extraordinarily unconvincing semblance of watermelon flavor as being melon-flavored.  It’s vague enough that I don’t.


You might ask—why did I take valerian last night?  Well, I was having trouble sleeping.  I was tossing, turning, and feeling extremely agitated.  I didn’t know at the time what had caused it, but did NOT want it to happen again.

Now, you’re probably wondering what the heck this has to do with my review of this shot.  Well, I took it down, and got the usual burst of energy—which I appreciated, given how much less ideal the valerian fog was.  But…after about an hour, I developed feelings of extreme agitation—much like last night!  It was the motherfreaking shot that had done it to me!

I have reviewed many products before, and not a one has done this to me.  Some have made me uncomfortably jittery, sure, but none of them have made me feel like I couldn’t sit still or focus or do anything even remotely worthwhile.

This is the antithesis of functional energy—in fact, this is probably the worst quality of energy I’ve ever experienced.  Flukes do happen, however, and seeing as I have two more flavors to review, I will be sure to find out and report if it is—but blast if I’m going to do it anytime soon, or on a day where I have to do anything even remotely important.

Incidentally, I’ve found a large bowl of brown basmati rice, almond milk, and molasses is dandy as an antidote for the feelings I described.


Kick lasted four hours—‘Up To 10 Hour Super Charge”, my butt.


So I reviewed this shot intending to find out if these are as bad as my experience last night had led me to believe—and it turns out it’s even worse!  These are absolutely terrible energy shots—stay away if you can!


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