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Review for Energems (Chocolate, Mint, and Peanut Butter)


25 mg/gem


I received these as samples, and as of yet, I’ve only seen these available for purchase online.


The individual flavors of Energems come in sharp-looking, matte black boxes that from the start have a way of raising your expectations; the packaging really is nice enough to make you anticipate a premium product.  My personal favorite lookwise is the mint flavor (light green + black = <3), but the others are in their own way satisfactory as well.  One tiff I have is the fact that the caffeine content is not listed on the individual boxes (though I’m not sure if that’s because they’re not supposed to be bought as individual boxes); I had to look on the outside of the variety pack I received from the company to determine the exact amount.  I’m the type who vastly prefers concrete information in this area; the whole “cup of coffee” thing (about three gems, for interested parties) is getting really tiresome.


It might not be Swiss, but in terms of texture, flavor and general agreeability, the chocolate flavor is at the very least on par with 95% of the impulse buy chocolates that you find by the cash register of just about every grocery/convenience lingerie store in the nation—the most meaningful thing I could say here is that I like them light years more than M&M’s.  Once or twice in the two boxes of this flavor that I tried out I found a small granule of energy blend that proffered a transiently bitter experience when I bit into it, but this minor annoyance was extremely easy to overlook, and only just worth mentioning.


If I have any complaints about any of the Energems, it might be that the mint/chocolate balance might be slightly off on this one—I like my minty chocolate to be a bit more on the minty side of things (think mint chocolate chip ice cream), and that thought kept coming to mind as I made my way through the supply I had been sent.  That being said, I don’t think that my own preference took away from the actual experience; if you like mint chocolate blends you’ll like these.


Now, just answer me this: how can you freaking go wrong with the mixture of peanut butter and chocolate?  From my experience, you really can’t, and this smart mix (equal parts chocolate and peanut butteryness, if a concrete description is desired) just goes to reaffirm my belief that the two are a match made in heaven.  It’s the one flavor where I had a hard time controlling my intake; I would open up a box with the intent of eating two or three to get my day started and would just keep going until the entire box was gone.


The really, really awesome thing about this product is the ability to choose your own kick—kind of like those “choose your own adventure” novels you read when you were a kid, only with chocolate and caffeine.  On days where I just needed something to clear away the cobwebs in the morning and allow me to distinguish between the toothpaste and the antifungal cream, two Energems (50 mg caffeine total) works as well as anything I’ve had before.  On the other end of the spectrum, a full box of nine Energems (225 mg) is enough to give just about anyone a buzz to keep them awake through anything.  I’d personally recommend stretching out your supply and limiting it to two or three at once—lots of energy products out there will make you jittery, but I’ve found few products out there that are better suited for a light early morning boost than these.


Ranges from an hour of perceptible effects with two Energems to about four and a half hours from nine.


Buy and try Energems—that’s all I really have to say.  I’ll emphasize again that my favorite use for them is for the light morning boost you get from eating two or three (though again, you run the risk of eating more than you intended with the peanut butter flavor); following these guidelines a single box will last you a few days and provide a delicious, effective, and economical* alternative to other energy products.

*—Somewhat.  My personal favorite way to start off a day is with one of the zero calorie Rockstars (Zero Carb, Pure Zero, Xdurance, etc.), which I can get for $1.50 each.  A box of nine Energems is $2.99, so every two I consume costs me about $.99.


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  1. How/where do you get Xdurance for $1.50 each? That sounds much cheaper and more effective than coffee.


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