Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review for Go Girl


100 mg


Go Girl is fairly near impossible to find where I live, though on the western seaboard it’s markedly easier to come by.  Good news for those who live in Washington, Oregon, and California, if they find themselves with the urge to drink a female-oriented energy drink.


The packaging is just about what one would expect given the drink’s target audience (one of which I am not, but I am an energy drink reviewer, and as such must do what my duty requires of me)—the logo and certification of the beverage’s sugar free nature in the foreground, varying shades of pink and different patterns in the background.  All in all, the look is just kind of bland and unremarkable, and easy to come close to overlooking.  Oh, and we’ve got a new slogan to raise the eyebrow—“Beautiful Energy.”  I understand the desire to appeal to females everywhere, and maybe they like those kinds of catch phrases, but I found it more than a bit ridiculous.


The taste was, I’m guessing, berry-inspired.  Why the guess?  I actually found it hard to tell; in addition to being light on calories the drink is very light on flavor.  I actually downed the entire can in less than a minute and a half trying to get something substantial out of it tastewise, but soon all 12 ounces were gone and I hadn’t got much more than a hint of what they were trying to do.


I didn’t find Go Girl to be especially strong; rather than expecting a hefty kick you should anticipate a clearing of the head and a mild pick-me-up.  I’m not going to say that this is necessarily a bad thing—sometimes the aforementioned effects are all that is really needed—but all the same, I’d recommend bypassing Go Girl and grabbing something stronger if you’re needing an energy drink that really means business.


Even if it’s not all that potent, Go Girl’s effects do have a reasonable staying power—you can expect the effects to consistently last a few hours or so before you can tell that it’s worn off.


I wasn’t wowed with Go Girl, but I’m sure it will perform better for the women it targets than it will for me.  If you are a male, I don’t see any reason why you should try this, except to prove that your masculinity can survive buying a drink so clearly meant for the fairer sex.  Mine did.

Review out of the way, I have to note that the cause which the Go Girl company supports.  In the words of the website: “Go Girl proudly supports breast & ovarian cancer research and awareness.  A portion of the proceeds of each case sold is donated to affiliated foundations.”  Seeing as I consider this a worthy cause, I am including links to a number of breast/ovarian cancer sites so that any interested parties can learn more.

National Cancer Institute’s breast cancer page:

National Breast Cancer Foundation website:

How to perform a breast self-exam (Seriously, ladies, you need to be doing these.  So many more women die than really should because they don’t take the time to learn their breast topography and do routine self-exams.  If you’re not in the habit, get into it now.):

National Cancer Institute’s ovarian cancer page:

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund website:


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