Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review for Hi Ball Energy--Grapefruit Energy Water


200 mg


Found alongside every other Hi Ball product—if you’ve got a Fred Meyer near you, the natural foods section is your best bet.


I wouldn’t have minded a little bit more color on this can—I do like the clean, non-EXTREME look, but white’s not the way I would have gone.  Lack of color, for whatever reason, always makes a subconscious link to lack of flavor in my mind.


If you like seltzer water, you will love this drink.  This is essentially grapefruit energy seltzer—nothing more, nothing less.  Something I also appreciated, and would like to make note of, is that notwithstanding the fact that this is essentially carbonated energy water, there’s no medicinal aftertaste corresponding to the energy ingredients—one would think that the fact that this is essentially water would highlight such a phenomena, and I think Hi Ball deserves recognition for making sure that this was not the case.


This is not a drink of otherworldly intensity—but I did appreciate it far more than those of the Hi Ball energy juices I reviewed earlier.  It was a comparable experience, but was a lot less…subtle than the others.  It generated enough of a buzz that I found that I was quite enjoying myself as I hurried around the clinic on a busy day, getting a multitude of tasks done in a timely manner and with relative ease.


Comparable to all other Hi Ball beverages—and a host of other energy drinks, really.  Plan on buzzing for about three and a half hours after finishing it.


Clean, fresh taste, decent kick…if you’re into seltzer and energy, this is definitely your drink.  Enough said.

WEBSITE: hiballer.com

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