Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review for Rip It--Fruit Bomb


200 mg


Carried by just about any dollar store.


“Excellent packaging” generally is not something that comes to mind when I think of Rip It energy drinks.  That said, they do a better job with Fruit Bomb than they do the rest—the blue and orange background is far more vivid than that present on most Rip It drinks, though the faded grey-and-orange sunburst-ish thing in the foreground is a really curious (not in a good way) choice.


I remember quite vividly the late morning I drank Fruit Bomb.  I had just gotten done with a ton of yard work…I was tired, I was sore, I was entirely unprepared for the energy requirements of the rest of the day.  If I were smart, I would have gone out and bought myself a Monster Rehab—Rojo Tea…but I wasn’t, and I just stuck with the sugar-laden, chemical-flavored fruit punch drink I had on hand.  Ick.


It worked—though I still felt pretty worn out from the yard work, I didn’t have much trouble getting up and getting started on the rest of the day.


Nothing special, really—3½ hours of energy before the end rolled around.


As with the rest of the Rip It line, the only reason you should consider Fruit Bomb is if 1) you want really cheap energy, and 2) you actually don’t care what your drink tastes like.  This is the textbook definition of an unremarkable energy drink.  But, if you don’t care all that much about what you’re drinking, then you’ll probably go through with your plans to drink it/keep drinking it anyway.


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  1. This one tasted good to me. Didn't give me much energy though.


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