Monday, April 15, 2013

Review for Monster Rehab--Pink Lemonade


160 mg


Being a new item, this is a challenge to find; assuming it is a success I would guess that future readers will be able to come by it very easily.


“Pink” and “Rehab format” are not the first things that come to my mind when asked to come up with a winning can design.  It’s not that the combination is bad—it’s just that they don’t really do each other justice.  Pink belongs on the likes of Rockstar Pink alongside a straw, or gracing a can of Lighter Spider—Widow Maker.  The Monster Rehab layout is at its finest with a vivid dark orange, bringing out the black “M” and giving its background the appearance of smoldering embers.  Together…they’re just okay.


From what I understand, pink lemonade is essentially just colored lemonade, with its trademark hue coming from a variety of sources, ranging from raspberry to artificial dye.  I don’t know what Monster used to make theirs, but the result is just okay.  It’s got the earthy deliciousness I associate with any Monster beverage, highlighted excellently by the taste of the lemons, but alongside that, you get a very peculiar aspect to the flavor that I’m not quite fond of—the best way I can describe it is “fake-tasting,” kind of like they took a spoonful of Country Time pink lemonade powder and dumped it in there.  Delicious as the earthy lemon flavor is, I have a hard time getting around that synthetic pink lemonade flavor they add to it, and I can’t honestly think of a reason why I would buy this above the excellent original Rehab beverage.


Typical of a Monster Rehab, you get a decent, wide-eyed buzz characterized by an absence of jitters.  If you’ve had a Rehab before, then you know exactly what I’m talking about; if not then I’ll just finish by saying it’s worth the experience—though from a different Rehab beverage.


Three and a half hours, no crash—which will suffice for most day-to-day situations.


Monster Rehab—Pink Lemonade is an alright beverage, but is still by and large a needless addition to the Rehab line.  It performs as well as any of them, but is more average in terms of its pleasantness—and after three of the previous five have landed themselves spots as some of my all-time favorite energy drinks, “average” just doesn’t cut it.  Might be worth one try, but it’s still not something I think I’ll be revisiting in the future.

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