Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review for Golazo Mandarina


100 mg


Washingtonian energy drinkers, rejoice!  You can’t not find this Evergreen State specialty based out of Seattle.  Everyone else—visit Washington, otherwise you’re sunk!


I like everything related to the concept of this energy drink (the name “Golazo”, the “Born to Score” slogan, the triumphant soccer dude, and the design), but I’m not wild about the color combination.  I disliked the green of the original Golazo and Golazo Sugar Free, I liked the red of Golazo Jamaica, but the orange here is just lukewarm—which counters the otherwise awesome packaging by instilling within me a mild sense of apathy regarding it.



Finally—a Golazo beverage that TASTES good!  I don’t typically go wild for orange-flavored drinks—but this one really isn’t bad.  It tastes convincing where other orange beverages typically taste fake and contrived.  AND WONDER OF WONDERS, I DON’T TASTE THE MOTHERFREAKING STEVIA!  I’m happy about this…I’m really happy about this.


Being a Golazo beverage, it’s a given that this will have an awesome kick—anticipate a healthy jolt of alertness with enough jitters to notice, but not enough to be obnoxious.


Three and a half hours—none to shabby!


Good flavor, good kick, all natural ingredients…it seems that Golazo Mandarina has everything going for it.  For 100 mg of caffeine, you really can’t do better.  If you can find this locally, buy it and try it—and if you can’t, don’t worry…they sell it on Amazon.

WEBSITE: vivagolazo.com

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