Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review for Vegas Fuel Sugar Free


130 mg


In my experience, any Vegas Fuel product is fairly scarce.  Anybody looking from place to place probably won’t have much luck, but hey—for those kinds of situations, there’s always the Internet.


Vegas Fuel Sugar Free possesses passable presentation—white background with the same logo and the same blood-red sun/moon as the original—but doesn’t seem to…make as much sense as the original.  See, when I think “Vegas Fuel energy drink,” I think of a drink that an individual can take down and be fueled as they take in the Vegas nightlife—
hence, the black of the original seemed appropriate to me.  The dark red sphere could have been either a setting sun or a rising moon, but either way, with the black background, it’s a night-themed drink.  With Vegas Fuel Sugar Free…the red sphere looks mostly like a rising sun, so it seems to be more of the drink for the morning after the night you drank the Vegas Fuel for, which to me just doesn’t seem as exciting.


As I discussed in my review of No Fear Sugar Free, some flavors just lend themselves to a sugar-free drink—in a sugared beverage, they just come across as way too sweet.  The flavor of Vegas Fuel Sugar Free is one of those—the Hawaiian Punch-themed flavor is just too much for my palate when loaded with sugar, but in the sugar free version, said flavor is much more tolerable, and even borders on agreeable.


For the most part, I’ve found that sugar free/low carb energy drinks tend to do more for me than their sugared counterparts in terms of kick.  With Vegas Fuel Sugar Free, I found the opposite to be the case—I didn’t feel the effects quite as strongly.  Sure, there was a kick, sure, it kept me awake for a time, but it didn’t do as much for me as did the sugared version.


Again, a little lackluster compared to the sugared version.  As the effects wore off, I started to feel that the whole energy experience reflected perfectly in my interpretation of the packaging—Vegas Fuel keeps you awake and going for the night, whereas Vegas Fuel Sugar Free is the drink you take down to keep you awake long enough to drive home and crawl into bed.


I’m kind of surprised to find myself saying this, but…if I were to have to choose between Vegas Fuel and Vegas Fuel Sugar Free, I’d probably go with the original—not withstanding my dislike for the taste.  The kick Vegas Fuel toted was enough that I could probably down the can so as to get the effects and not regret it. Vegas Fuel Sugar Free, on the other hand, delivered a very standard kick—and sometimes, standard just doesn’t quite cut it.  If it does in your situation, fine.  If not…get the original.


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  1. I usually buy Red Bull or Monster by the box to save money so I'm no novice to energy drinks. I first tried VegasFuel Friday 13th at 3pm and again at 7pm. I try to go to bed by 11:30 but couldn't fall asleep untill 5am. I tried it again Sunday the 15th at 6pm before a 4 hour drive and again at 8. By 1AM I found myself playing the Tylenol PM game just so i could shut my eyes. Before work on Monday I bought every VegasFuel Rite Aid had, which were on sale for a dollar per 16oz.
    Lewis, Warsaw, VA

  2. VegasFuel is amaaaazing


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