Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review for Coyote--Jamaica


Not totally certain; my guess is between 160 and 200 mg


I got these as samples—so I’m not sure.


I really like it when I have reason to believe that a company has put some thought into their packaging, (as opposed to contenting themselves with slapping some random design on the front, i.e. Rip It)—I take it as a sign that they’re not just in the game for the money, and actually care about putting out a decent beverage.  Given the name of the company it makes sense that an image of a coyote would be included, but to put one there that looks like the love child of a wolf and Optimus Prime…that’s a nice touch.  Functionally all the ducks are in a row also—caffeine content included, Spanish/English labels to make sure that the drink’s Latino target demographic knows what they’re getting into, etc.


When I was in Guatemala, I fell in love with a beverage called rosa de Jamaica—hibiscus tea, for those of you non-Spanish speakers.  I loved its decided tartness, I loved the subtle earthiness, and I loved the understated berry-ness (no berries in there, but cranberry is the closest flavor I can compare it to).  I loved it so much that I would brew myself about a quart of it at night, knowing full well that I would be up at least twice during the night to take a leak, but not caring as long as I had my hibiscus deliciousness.  Naturally, I became very excited at the prospect of a drink that combined 1) one of my all-time favorite beverages, and 2) caffeine—one of my other favorite things.  This being said, you know that I am not bs-ing when I tell you that this is a very delicious beverage, because I would be ripping it to bits if it weren’t.  It’s like a very sweet hibiscus soda more than anything else—and I do think it loses a bit of its dimension in the heavy sweetness, but all in all, it’s still very pleasant and well worth one’s consideration if you can find it locally.


In terms of energy, you can expect a very jittery, sugar-fueled rush, comparable to some of Rockstar’s beverages.  This is definitely the sort of drink that I would recommend drinking before embarking on some strenuous physical activity (the gym or heavy yard work), simply because I don’t like the feeling of the sugar percolating into my system (though I very much appreciate it was cane sugar vs. high-fructose corn syrup) and prefer to burn it off.


Three and a half hours of energy can be expected, after which you will experience a noteworthy crash—unless, I found, unless you do go to the gym right after the fact and burn off all 200 calories through vigorous cardio.


Even if it doesn’t deliver the most exciting burst of energy I’ve ever experienced, the unique flavor is a winner, and earns this drink an enthusiastic recommendation over the sugary rank and file.

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