Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review for Independence Energy


200 mg


This is absolutely one of my more random acquisitions—an unexpected find at a gas stop/restaurant smack-dab in the middle of rural Idaho.  I don’t think things get any more scattered than that.  Strikes me as one of those drinks that may one day flood Big Lots, if you catch my meaning.


The concept behind this patriotic energy drink is just fine—but the overall execution is generally lackluster.  On top of the cheap appearance afforded the can by generic template and graphics that look like they were pulled right out Microsoft Word’s clip art collection, the whole thing looks like it’s been sitting out in the sun for at least a month—all bleached and faded, much like the recently reviewed Bang—Champagne Cola.  I’d take this one back to the drawing board—sharpen up the design, embolden the colors, make everything look less low-end.  If the company could do that, they might very have an aesthetic winner on their hands.


Speaking of going back to the drawing board—this flavor profile really needs some serious work.  It’s one thing that it’s not at all agreeable, but the real nail in the coffin is the fact that I cannot for the life of me tell what it’s supposed to be.  It’s sweet and heavy (a characteristic absent from the sugar free version but present here courtesy of the HFCS), but that’s about as descriptive as I can be—I don’t even have the luxury of calling it anything so vague as “fruity” or “berry-like.”  The whole thing is such a chaotic mess that it’s next to impossible to enjoy—you spend all your time puzzling it out, half out of sincere interest, half to place a finger on why you find it so disagreeable.


This kicks much like the sugar free version—starts off awesome (9/10), then settles quickly on the high end of average—except with this version, you feel slightly more jittery…or at least I did.  Strange how things affect me like that.


Good for about three and a half hours, sans crash if you use it pre-workout (not something I recommend—you’ll burn off all the sugar, but it still feels so heavy in your stomach), and with plenty of crash if you don’t.


Frankly, the VFW Foundation (beneficiaries of a portion of the proceeds of this drink) deserves a better drink than this.  Consumers deserve a better drink than this.  As indicated in my review of the sugar-free version, I wholly support the cause behind the drink—but the drink’s a total dud.

Now…I wouldn’t dream of discouraging you from buying this drink as I have done without wholeheartedly encouraging consumers to get involved in the VFW Foundation’s cause.  In their own words:

“Through a variety of programs and services, VFW Foundation fills in governmental assistance gaps for troops abroad, military families back in the U.S. and America’s often-forgotten veterans.  These programs support all branches of the military, are provided at no cost to the recipients and require no Veterans of Foreign Wars affiliation.”

The VFW Foundation supports programs that:

“Reward America’s military heroes and their families by sponsoring admission to popular entertainment events and attractions.
“Provide prepaid phone time and sponsored “Free Call Days” allowing deployed troops and hospitalized veterans to connect with loved ones.
“Support troops and their families in need of financial assistance for housing, medical or basic assistance needs with a one-time grant.
“Sponsor ‘welcome home’ and ‘send off’ events to boost the morale of returning or deployed military units.
“Offer military veterans, regardless of when or where they served, with VFW counsel and assistance to successfully navigate VA entitlement and disability claims.”

In my mind, these are all very worthy causes, and wholly deserving of public support.  Great news is you aren’t required to drink Independence Energy to do it—to support the VFW Foundation without buying the pint of (heavily) sweetened bile, please follow the link below:

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