Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review for Lighter Spider Energy


240 mg


Far less common than it ought to be—you’ll have to rely more on chance (or Amazon) than widespread availability if you’re hoping to find it.


Lighter Spider Energy doesn’t fit into the usual low carb energy drink mold when it comes to presentation—which I appreciate, because most energy drink companies seem to have the inexplicable desire to make their sugar free/low carb drinks look as bland as possible (see NOS Sugar Free as an example).  Lighter Spider is like unto the original in terms of its raw formidability, but may be even more effective than the latter because of the choice to make the spider in the foreground yellow—makes me think of radioactive spiders, and I find it impossible to think of radioactive spiders without thinking, “cool…radioactive spiders!


I was honestly surprised when I took my first swig of Lighter Spider and found that it wasn’t a sugar-free version of the original—not that I’m disappointed (though calorie-counting fans of the original might be); quite the contrary, I’m exceptionally pleased with it, and would even go so far as to say that I enjoyed it more than the original.  It’s citrus-flavored, but I couldn’t pin it on any one fruit or combination of fruits—it’s best described as being citrusy excellence in a can, without a hint of artificial sweeteners.


Lighter Spider kicks freaking butt in terms of its intensity.  It reminded me of the original in that it affords the drinker a very high level of functionality, but with Lighter Spider, there are even more.  And it’s freaking AWESOME.


Lighter Spider’s quick to get started and, blessedly enough, quite slow to taper off—I got the same five hours of intense energy from this sugar free Spider that I got from the original.


Having drank Lighter Spider Energy, I can say that a great many energy drinks companies, including some major ones, have something to fear in Masters of Beverage (the company responsible for the distribution of Spider Energy products).  This is an insanely awesome beverage, and one that most energy drinks should be ashamed to share the shelves with.  This is a company that deserves to succeed—get a Lighter Spider and you won’t be able to tell me I’m wrong.

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