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Review for Rockstar Recovery--Energy/Tea/Lemonade

In my last review of a Rockstar product, I lamented the way Monster and Rockstar seemed to be diverging in terms of the niches they fill.  I noted that while Monster has been in the habit lately of putting out some pretty delicious energy drinks (the Dub Edition series aside), they seem to skimp a bit on the energy, and that while Rockstar is putting out more and more energy drinks that are pretty powerful, for the most part they’re distinctly lacking in the flavor department.

That does not apply to this energy drink, whose name is so overly verbose that I really don’t ever feel like writing it again.  Initially, my feelings were extremely mixed with regards to the very idea of this product, which seemed to me (okay…still does to an extent) like a shameless ripoff of Monster Rehab—Lemonade.  Rockstar’s never really been one to put out things that are singularly unoriginal in their nature, so I never in a million years expected something so brazen—especially considering how badly such a move could backfire if done badly.

Fortunately for Rockstar, they delivered every bit as well as Monster in terms of flavor, and with their energy blend toting their now-characteristic 240 mg of caffeine, they have released a real powerhouse of an energy drink, and I think it has the potential to take off like few drinks have in a very long time. 


240 mg


As audacious a move as this drink was, they’re sure playing it safe with getting it out there.  Compared with the also-new Bubbleberry, which came out at the same time and is already almost everywhere, I had to search high and low to find this darn thing.  Made it all the more exciting when I did, though….


With bold blacks and yellows overlying the glowing, ember-like yellow background, this is one heck of a striking can, one that seems to have a way of leaping out at you from all the way across the store and have you opening/reaching into the refrigerator before you even know how you got there.  With appeal like this, it would really suck hardcore if you were to pop open the can and find that the drink did not deliver the goods.  Fortunately for us, it does….


I absolutely love Monster Rehab—Lemonade, so I opened this can crouched and ready to strike—steeling myself to show no mercy at the slightest sign of weakness in what seemed to be a ripoff of one of my favorite energy beverages, and fully anticipating to declare Monster the winner, hands down.  That having been said, Rockstar floored me by absolutely nailing the flavor—not just mimicking it, but nailing it.  In terms of taste this is every bit the drink that Rehab is, just as tasty, just as refreshing, just as generally satisfying.  If I had to venture a comparison, I’d say they are identical in terms of their muted earthiness and the boldness of the lemon flavor, but this one has perhaps a hair less of a tang to it—which I don’t really care about; it didn’t make any difference to me.  If only for this flavor experience I would be happy that Rockstar released this drink.

But, there’s more….


One thing that Rockstar has started doing recently that I quite appreciate is to release their new drinks with 240 mg of caffeine, rather than the standard 160 mg—in the last year they’ve put out six new drinks, and all but one has boasted the higher caffeine content…and it lasted all of six months before its discontinuation.

It’s this new blend that lifts this drink up from the level of just being a shot at Monster Rehab’s target market to that of a great energy drink.  The 240 mg deliver a very formidable blast of energy to be sure, but it’s not so ragged and jitter-ridden as some of the sugary energy drinks—it’s the same kick that makes me like Rockstar’s Zero Carb and Xdurance beverages so dang much.  Just smooth (but extreme) energy.


Every time I’ve drank this, I’ve enjoyed the aforementioned energy state for five hours before reaching the finish line, and each time it has ended without a crash.


To conclude, Rockstar has taken Monster’s idea and taken it up a couple of levels—and the result is one of the best energy drinks I’ve had in a very long time.  I think that everything else has been said, except for the fact that I’ve had a number of opportunities to employ a hydrating energy drink lately, as I’ve just gotten back into working out hard and heavy.  Every time I go to the same gas station that’s been my source for new energy drinks, and every time, I reach for the Rockstar Recovery over the Monster Rehab.  Well done, Rockstar.  Very well done indeed….


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  1. Awesome review. I have been drinking Rockstar Revovery for quite a while. It doesnt give me the jitters but a nice boost of energy with no crash. I really found it to do an excellent job of hydrating me. Great taste and cool can.Again great review.


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