Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review for Rockstar


160 mg/16 oz. can
240 mg/24 oz. can


Like most every other major energy drink brand, Rockstar is found everywhere energy drinks are sold, and in many places where they’re ordinarily not.


Rockstar’s look is pretty simple—angled gold star containing Rockstar logo with red/gold lettering over a black background.  It's not quite enough to attain the status of a cultural icon, but in it’s own way, it does work.


I admit that the taste for this stuff may be one that one must acquire, but let me say that I FREAKING LOVE IT.  In trying to nail it down, I would guess that pineapple is the primary inspiration, since every time I pass my wife’s Pineapple Cilantro scented candle (visit if curious), my heart skips a beat and my mind screams “ROCKSTAR!

16 oz. can


The 16 oz. Rockstar was one of my first energy drinks, and the level of energy I experienced is not something I’m likely to forget.  That thing had me more wired than I had ever been up to that point, and has been a gauge by which I’ve measured other energy drinks since.  For being such a mainstream drink, this stuff really means business—ten minutes hadn’t past after drinking it that I was vibrating and chatting my head off.


It took Rockstar hours before it even thought of letting down.  The initial high-intensity peak lasted a good 2 hours, and I was still fairly awake for about 3 hours even after that.


Getting right to the point, Rockstar rocks.  It tastes fantastic, delivers a strong, unrelenting kick, and, as an added bonus, you’ll always be able to find it.  Of the major players in the energy drink field, this is the only one I've had so far that really earns its place front and center.  It set a standard in my mind, and is now the drink against which I try and measure all others.

24 oz. can


So you don’t get the wrong idea, let me say right away that the 24 oz. can of Rockstar is stronger than the smaller 16 oz. can—it just isn’t enough to earn the coveted 10+ that Rockstar Zero Carb attained.  Take the effects of the original and amplify them to a degree, and you more or less have an idea of what it was like.


Again—no real difference in the number rating from the 16 oz. can, but the 24 oz. Rockstar does deliver a longer boost—6 hours to the 16 oz. can’s 5.


Bottom line: both sizes of Rockstar are very effective.  If you like Rockstar a lot (as I do), go for the 24 oz. can.  Both will do the job very well; you just get more of everything with the big can. 

As a final note, if anybody knows where I can get a 32 oz. can, let me know.  I remember that they were out for a while, then suddenly they vanished from everywhere that carried them.  I’d love to give one a review, just can’t freaking find it….


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  1. A new bubblegum flavored rockstar just came out, you should review it.

    1. I'll be happy to once it becomes available nearby. Thanks for letting me know it's around; I hadn't heard of it yet!


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