Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review for PowerBar Energy Blasts--Strawberry Banana


40 mg/package


Far less common than the iconic bars themselves, but still sold most everywhere PowerBar products are sold.


Don’t have a lot to say here—looks just like every other PowerBar product.  Does it work, if we’re evaluating it as a workout supplement?  Yes.  Is it anything really worthy of note?  Not particularly.


I was a little apprehensive going into this—when I think of gummy things of this sort, I think of the overly sweet, fake-tasting worms and what not that I would get my son at WinCo, which have long since ceased to appeal to my adult palate.  I am, then, somewhat surprised to report that they’re not half bad.  They do have some issues—I was kind of bothered by the texture of the opaque half, and as I was getting towards the end of the bag I did start to feel as though I would soon have enough—but the banana exterior and strawberry interior (which you really have to chew your way towards if you’re hoping to taste it) are pleasant enough that I wouldn’t really have a problem eating them again.


Problem is, in terms of energy (at least so far as I define it), these basically deliver nothing.  I’m sure if I had tried these before going to the gym or engaging in some sort of other vigorous activity, I might have noticed reduced muscle fatigue, etc (the 2:1 glucose/fructose ratio is supposed to be excellent for energy delivery to muscle tissue). from the other ingredients, but if you’re looking for a workout supplement/caffeine buzz, you’re fairly well out of luck.


Nothing to say here.


These probably work just fine in their appointed niche, but I’m reviewing these as a caffeine junkie, and as such I found these lacking.  If you’ve found otherwise, by all means let me know.


KEYWORDS: PowerBar Energy Blasts review, strawberry banana, glucose, fructose, etc.

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