Friday, October 18, 2013

Review for 4C Energy Rush--Tea


60 mg/serving (1/2 tsp)


Wal-Mart acquisition.  Need I say more?


As with all of these water additives, points are given for making it so convenient to carry such gratuitous quantities of energy everywhere you go, be it in a pocket, purse or whatever; also appreciated is the listing of the caffeine content.  Aesthetically, this one is interesting—kind of like the person designing the label got creative with different colors of chalk on a blackboard and decided it looked great.  Only downside is that it blends in so easily with its neighboring water additives that unless you know where to look you might pass it over without even knowing it, other than that it earns my thumbs up.


Let me start by saying this: tea drinkers, this is not a product for you.  There is little to no actual tea in here; it’s so far down below the “natural and artificial flavors” in the ingredients list that it might as well be considered homeopathic.  That being said, if your palate is not too discriminatory, you might enjoy the slightly sour, moderately sweetened earthiness of this concoction—not quite instant Monster Rehab, but still a palpable enough way to get your morning dose of caffeine.


Like the Mio Energy water enhancers (whose innovation this was doubtless inspired by), this is an exceptionally versatile product, capable of giving you any sort of boost ranging from mild (1/2 tsp or one serving) to exceptionally intense (3 tsp/1 tbsp or six servings…not advised on a regular basis).  Start low and work your way up, and you should be able to find a buzz that’s right for you.


You can get anywhere from an hour to over five with this one, depending on how much you use.  No crash recalled.


This is definitely not going to please everyone in the taste department as much as it did me, but for those who do like the flavor, it’s inexpensive, versatile and about as convenient as you could ask for.  Try it and leave your thoughts.


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