Friday, October 19, 2012

Review for 5 Hour Energy Decaf


6 mg (yeah, you read that right…)


Not nearly as common as the other 5 Hour Energy shots.  Maybe because most retailers don’t see the logic in selling energy-free energy shot.


I really like the packaging on most of the 5 Hour shots, but this one falls a bit flat.  I like the idea of the 5 Hour runner over a daylight scene, but all-in-all, it just looks generic. 


When I was in Guatemala, I came down with a nasty sore throat.  At the pharmacy, I was given a few packets of some stuff called VitaPyrena—which was basically just a dose of acetamenophen mixed in with some citrus-flavored powder.  5 Hour Energy Decaf reminded me a lot of VitaPyrena—medicinal-tasting and badly sweetened.  Not by any means pleasant.


If I take anything away from my experience with 5 Hour Energy Decaf, it’s this—B vitamins (the sole components of this drink’s “energy” blend) do not supply energy.  This shot delivers no kick whatsoever, just light years more B vitamins that you can ever hope to use and to be excreted con prisa by your kidneys—so in the end, all you get from your purchase is some seriously yellow, nutrient-rich urine.  Anybody out there willing to fork out $2.75 for that?


Do I really need to say anything in this section?


5 Hour Energy Decaf is hands down the worst value energy product I have ever reviewed.  It tastes bad and doesn’t give you energy—so why bother?  The answer: no reason to.  Avoid this one at all costs.


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