Sunday, November 13, 2011

Review for Go Fast Coconut Energy


162 mg


As with other Go Fast products that are not the original beverage, Coconut Energy is quite difficult to find, and getting a hold of a can will in all likelihood require a great deal of patience.


The basic idea for the Coconut Energy can is the same as the original, with diagonal logo and stock graphic—the only difference is the presence of coconuts.  I was not terribly fond of the packaging on the berry and lemonade/lime flavors, but if only for the sheer intrigue produced by the idea of a coconut flavored energy drink, Coconut Energy supersedes its Go Fast peers in terms of ability to grab and hold one’s attention.


While not the most unpleasant taste experience of my life (that goes to either the pineapple rehydrating solution I had in Colomba, Guatemala or Rockstar 2X), I could not bring myself to enjoy Go Fast Coconut Energy.  It basically consists of the original flavor (carbonated mint and honey tea) with some coconut flavoring and stevia.  Now, I wasn’t a fan of the original flavor (even if it still wasn’t terribly bad), I do like some coconut-flavored products, and stevia…well, stevia is its usual ungodly self here and nothing can change that, but put all these things together…it was just way too weird.  I had a hard time getting it down, and even after I had there was a moment when I came dangerously close to ending my 16-year vomit-free streak (I was saved by the carbonation of the drink, which substituted emesis for a belch).  Is it unique?  Yes.  Is that a good thing?  Not in this case, no.


After the taste, it seems kind of pointless for me to say that it worked, but I have to follow through with the entirety of the review and say that it did.  It’s not a strong kick, mind you, but it will wake you up in a hurry (less than five minutes) if that’s what you need.


The duration of energy efficacy was long enough to be worthy of note.  At least 3, 3½ hours can be expected after the starting point before one begins to slow down.


Regardless of efficacy, I cannot bring myself to recommend this drink.  Having had the experience I did with the taste, if I do not warn against it, I have failed as a reviewer and perhaps deserve to drink another can (but no more than that).  Does it work?  Yes.  But just about every drink I’ve reviewed (with a few exceptions) has to some degree.  If this is sort of the kick you look for, there are plenty of other drinks that will do the same thing without making you ill.  And, if you really need it, there are stronger drinks than this one, and most of them taste just fine.  If you really must give it a try, fine.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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