Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review for Guayaki Yerba Mate--Revel Berry


150 mg


Found principally at health food stores and natural foods sections at grocery stores.


With its Amazonian native/jungle theme and enough certified organic/fair trade certified/etc. stamps to satisfy the most diehard of natural food lovers, this is the sort of thing that fits right in at health food stores…and appears decidedly out of place in my energy drink can collection.  I personally like it, mostly because the guy holding up the mate cup reminds me of myself when I’m taking down a favorite energy drink—as though saying, “CAFFEINE!  Frick YES!”


This is absolutely a love-it-or-hate it sort of energy drink—and unfortunately, at the moment I’m leaning towards the “hate” end of the spectrum.  I’m perfectly okay with earthy beverages—just read my reviews of the Monster Rehab line and Rockstar Iced if you have any doubts about that (great…now I’m craving a lemonade Rehab).  The problem here is that Revel Berry is all about the earthiness of the yerba mate, and not the actual flavor—I don’t think I caught much more than a hint of berry amongst what tasted like liquefied Amazonian soil.  If you can drink stuff that tastes like this, more power to you.  If I’m in the mood for healthy energy, I’ll be sticking with Viso.


All that aside, Revel Berry’s 150 mg of caffeine makes for a decent boost—not too in-your-face or jittery, just a really nice, natural-feeling boost.


Effects lasted a ballpark of three hours, with not a crash to speak of.


If this tasted a little better, this is something I could see myself enjoying for your run-of-the-mill, day-to-day energy requirements.  If you 1) like healthy stuff, 2) find yourself in need of that sort of energy, 3) don’t mind the taste of soil, this just might be the drink to fit your niche.


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  2. lmao! "taste of soil". I actually enjoy the taste. Great review.


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