Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review for Rockstar Energy Water--Blueberry Pomegranate Acai


200 mg


Doesn’t seem that Rockstar is taking the particularly aggressive route in getting this one out, as it’s still more scattered than most new Rockstar beverages; but only time will tell.


It’s a Rockstar water bottle—what more can I say?  Even if they aren’t marketing this one aggressively, the design is not so passive; this stands out so much more than the Vitamin Waters in its company that looking at the refrigerator is like looking at a black dot on a field of white.  In addition, I have to say that I love how unabashed they are about their zero calorie etc. declarations, and how prominently the caffeine content is featured.  Gotta love an informative bottle.


Not difficult to get down by any stretch of the imagination—in fact, I found it more palpable than most low calorie flavored waters out there (thank you, Rockstar, for not including stevia as a sweetener).  As you can probably gather from the name, however, this is essentially a functional water version of Xdurance, a drink that I happen to be quite fond of (even though the flavor is very weird), so I found myself constantly comparing this to the other, and in the end, I found myself missing the carbonation.  Still, it’s pretty good as far as functional waters are concerned.


As far as function is concerned, they don’t make ‘em much better than this.  Now, I’m going to hold off as far as rating it as a hydration beverage, given caffeine’s diuretic propensities, but as far as energy/refreshment were concerned, I found it to be most satisfactory, smooth and right at the point of being worthy of the “high intensity” designation.


An easy four hours, no crash.


Not my favorite, but still worth a shot.  As always, relay your thoughts.


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  1. I have tried many energy drinks out there, as I am a caffeine junkie. I absolutely love the pomegranite one. The orange and tropical Im not a big fan of.. Although I do miss the carbonation and Im not too big of a freak about the carbs, I'll add sprite to give it a lil carbonation kick. This gives me good awake, alert energy and I havent crashed. Totally recommend it.. just wish they had better flavors.

  2. These are less than 2 dollars here. I keep buying them by the case.

    Great Drink, Great Price

    1. where are you buying them by the case

  3. Being a person who does not like carbonated drinks I absolutely love this one.....the flavour isn't really strong which is something else I really like.

    Will buy again and again.


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