Monday, July 18, 2011

Review for Monster Nitrous--Black Ice


135 mg


Not a lot of locations carry Monster Nitrous—Black Ice, significantly fewer than those that carry the other three.  Given how long I’ve seen the others sitting on the shelves, I’m guessing they’re wary about having another Nitrous product collecting dust on their shelves forever.  Plan on having to hunt it down.


Same Monster Nitrous template, except with a background that’s their most chaotic yet—dark and light blues in a pattern that reminiscent of a blizzard.  This sort of thing is good when your slogan is “Unleash the Nitro Beast”going by the packaging alone,  one almost feels inclined to believe that it may do just that.


As will all Nitrous products, opening the battery-shaped 12-oz can produced an alarming, borderline violent release of pressure…I will weep if Monster releases another Nitrous product; I just know that one day I will pick up a can that somebody has shaken up and will lose my hand when I open it.  But I digress.  Took my first sip, and…wow.  This stuff is way good; light years better than I ever thought a zero calorie drink would manage to be.  The taste is of raspberries (whether blue or not, I have no idea…is there actually a difference between the flavor of blue and red raspberries?), in all of their tart, delectable glory—every bit as real as though they had been macerated and put straight into the can with a shot of caffeine.  And you know that annoying artificial sweetener taste you get with a lot of those other sugar free/zero calorie/whatever drinks?  Hardly any to speak ofthat trademark Monster Nitrous smoothness takes over before any such aftertaste can have an appreciable effect.  Well played, Monster Energy Company…very well played….


The kick isn’t precisely stellar; as with many it just takes you to the point of being decidedly awake, which is sometimes all you really need.  Might not be my first choice if I’m looking for something really stout, but for most everything else it will still do a satisfactory job.


Longevity was above the arbitrary average, even though I’m starting to find that more and more drinks are above said average—I may need to raise the bar a bit.  All the same, the drink has nothing to be ashamed of in this regard, and I’d trust it to keep me going in most situations where I need a reasonably long-lasting boost.


To sum things up, Monster Nitrous—Black Ice is unquestionably the best of the Monster Nitrous line.  The flavor is spectacular, even for a Nitrous drink, and it delivers a reasonably effective kick, especially compared to the rest.  This is one I'd really love to be able to find as easily as most other Monster Energy products.


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  1. I can't tell what size can you are using for this article. I have the 12fl oz can. I think it is smaller than the battery can you refer to.

    1. I am only aware of one size of this drink, and that's the 12 oz. can. When I refer to "battery can" I refer to the style (twist top, looks like a battery) rather than the size.


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