Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review for 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength--Grape


207 mg




I’ve mentioned before that I appreciate the runner featured on 5 Hour Energy shots.  I love running, and I love the idea of energy products that will facilitate running.  The purple, however, is an odd choice—yeah, I know it’s grape and all, but an opalescent purple sunset?  Maybe he’s running at the Mountains of Madness.


If you don’t mind drinking 2 oz. of badly sweetened purple Triaminic, you shouldn’t mind this at all.  I personally don’t think I’ll be revisiting it, but I have to admit—it’s better than the berry version.


Kick’s pretty formidable, but at the same time, almost completely jitter-free—I’m almost inclined to refer to it as “distilled intensity” to the idea across.


Five hours, very little crash.


I love the kick this shot delivers, but I’m really not wild about the taste.  Still…next to the berry version, it tastes alright.  But then again, almost anything next to the berry version tastes good, so if you don’t mind really medicinal-tasting grape shots, this is probably right up your alley.


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  1. Spot on review. I'd forgotten about Triaminic but yeah, that's it. I don't mind the taste because it's up, it's down, it's gone, and I generally have an Arizona green tea in the saddle next to me on long rides, so that chases it without issues. No calories (4), of course no sugar. It's perfect for weight loss, training, long drives, and you're right--no buzz and no off the cliff afterwards. The guy who invented it deserves every million he's made. Nice site, thanks.


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