Sunday, July 31, 2011

Review for Golazo


100 mg


I’ve only ever seen Golazo once in the course of my travels; by and large it’s pretty obscure.  Until more locations decide it's worth selling, good luck finding this.


First off, the look would not be bad if they worked on the color scheme a little bit.  The Mexican golden eagle with the rattlesnake in its beak, the name “Golazo”, the soccer dude and the slogan (“Born to Score”) work well enough, but pick different shades of green and/or white (preferably both)!  Alone, either is bad, but together, it’s worse.  That out of the way, I do like the concept—bold and exciting, the ambition of the drink is evident in the very name of it—“Golazo”—utilizing the Spanish word “Gol” (‘goal’, the kind one would score in a soccer game) and the suffix “–azo” (used to indicate something that is exceptionally impressive), the drink managed to catch my attention in such a way that I was expecting to be impressed.


My first impression, i.e. the smell that hit me just after I had opened the can, left me rather concerned—the scent was recognizably mango, but sour and almost pungent—not the kind I came to know and love on the coasts of Guatemala.  Then you taste it, and yikes—it’s as bad as it smells.  Short of unbearable, but still far from good, or even remotely pleasant.  The mango taste is unconvincing and horribly watered down, and badly marred by the presence of extract from the leaves of Stevia rebaudina—a natural sweetener so strong that it most definitely has the potential to be weaponized.  You use more than can fit on the head of a pin to sweeten whatever you are drinking, and the seemingly innocuous ingredient (do you honestly expect a sweetener to be vicious?) bares its teeth and attacks, hewing down your taste buds with the scythe of an awful and overpowering aftertaste unique to stevia (to understand it you have to try it, I can’t describe it; but it’s not something I recommend…from experience, you could very well die).


In this respect, Golazo shoots and indeed scores—for toting only 100 mg of caffeine (compare to a mainstream drink like Rockstar or Monster Energy, which pack 160 mg each), it delivers quite a kick (subtle soccer pun).  Sitting here writing this, it’s kind of hard to hit the right keys or hit them as lightly as I normally do—it’s got me reasonably wired and moderately shaky—and is perfect if you’re needing a pick-me-up in the middle of the big game.  (Just don’t drink it if you’re dehydrated…while Golazo will quench your thirst, caffeine is a potent diuretic and has the potential to make the matter worse.)


Golazo likewise made an impression on me in terms of duration of efficacy; it kept me going rather consistently for a few hours before it wore down with a recognizable crash at the finish, the effects of which were temporary.


While the potency of the beverage was commendable, you’ve still got quite an ordeal ahead of you in terms of taste to get those results.  For this I really can't bring myself to recommend it, but taste is subjective, and I must admit Golazo did leave quite an impression in my mind in terms of the fantastic kick delivered vs. the comparatively low quantity of caffeine, an impression which, like the flavor but for opposite reasons, I am not likely to forget anytime soon.


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