Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review for Bing


120 mg


I’ve only seen Bing once in my combing different states, and that was at a grocery store in Utah.  However common it may be elsewhere, it’s dang near impossible to come by here, and I hope to see it around more often in the future.


Bing doesn’t really do that great a job with the look—sure, it’s passable (dark red and black are always a winning color combination), but at the same time, it doesn’t really scream the fact that it’s an energy drink to you, and it’s easy to overlook when you are seeking such—which you don’t want to do.  Keep reading….


Bing is a rare sort of energy drink, the kind you want to just sip and savor for as long as you can and get every last drop out of.  At first the cherry taste is a bit intense, but it mellows out, and soon you find yourself enjoying an authentic-tasting, smooth, balanced, perfectly (lightly) carbonated and wholly delicious bing cherry beverage.  12 ounces is not nearly enough.  Take it from me.


I enjoyed the taste of Bing so much that for a while I forgot about the fact that I was drinking an energy drink.  I was soon reminded—for a caffeine content that is lower-than-average, you get a pretty good kick out of Bing, enough to really wake you up and feel just jittery enough to be able to really enjoy the experience.


Bing’s staying power wasn’t too shabby, either.  I was functionally awake for about 3½ hours, after which there was only a slight crash to deal with—not bad at all.


This is one of those “you’ve-got-to-try-this” sort of drinks—I’ve liked cherry drinks before, but none quite like this, and it possesses quite a kick considering the low-ish caffeine content.  The link below will take you to the website.  I encourage you to buy a case.  Or two.  More if you can.


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  1. I almost bought one of these at a grocery store. Where I live, I only found them at Homeland Stores so far.

    1. I buy them at a store where they're the only energy drink they sale.

    2. I finally bought one of these. This was good. I like the nice energy kick.


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