Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review for Sambazon Amazon Energy


80 mg


I haven’t seen any Sambazon product of any sort outside of Wal-Mart, but given the near omnipresence of that chain, finding Sambazon Amazon Energy shouldn’t be a problem for most.


Looking at this drink, it’s pretty clear that this isn’t a drink meant for your everyday energy drinker—it seems to me to be put forth as a healthy alternative to energy drinks for a health nut that needs a boost (note the USDA Organic seal in the bottom left corner of the can…when have you ever seen that on an energy drink?).  In any case, it succeeds in putting forth this sort of image, mostly thanks to the Sambazon logo and the winning combination of excellent shades of purple and green.


I’ve had açaí products before, and it’s really hard to place the taste—it’s almost a rich, earthy, somewhat berry-esque taste.  Anyway, I only got a hint of that out of Sambazon Amazon Energy—mostly it just tasted like the organic apple juice that Sambazon used as filler.  It’s not a bad drink per se, but with açaí berry on board, it still falls far short of its potential.


80 mg of caffeine in a 12 oz. can?  I expected a pretty mild kick out of this one, and that’s what I got.  This will in all likelihood be a turn-off for a seasoned energy drinker, but your average health nut is probably not looking for a serious buzz, so I imagine they’ll like this just fine.


It seems to me I got about an hour and a half of energy out of Sambazon Amazon Energy before I was ready for a nap.  Not impressive to me, but once again, I’m not exactly this drink’s target demographic…at least not as much as I should be.


While as a reviewer I feel compelled to review this drink, I’m not necessarily qualified to do so as is probably needed.  I’m an energy drinker—I like kick, and I like LOTS of it.  Sambazon Amazon Energy isn’t meant for that sort of person—rather, it’s more for the vegan mountain biker that needs more of a pick-me-up that the morning granola and almond milk can supply.  If you want to know if it works for that kind of person, you’re going to have to ask that kind of person.  As for myself—I found it to be just okay, even if it was nice to not have to feel terribly guilty about what I was drinking.


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