Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review for Monster Energy--MIXXD


160 mg/16 oz. can
240 mg/24 oz. can


I recall seeing Monster Energy—MIXXD in a lot more places than I actually found it in.  Getting a hold of it was a little bit harder than the rest; it seems that about the time I started looking for it a lot of the stores stopped carrying it.  At least that’s what I think might have happened.  I don’t know—maybe I just never paid attention until I started looking.  Point is, it’s not as easy to find as the rest, but I still didn’t have to go too out of my way to get my hands on it.


The packaging is cool—sheet metal background with the familiar Monster M logo front and center in purple.  And, as I have mentioned in other reviews, purple seems to have a way of making everything associated with it look snazzy, and Monster Energy—MIXXD is no exception.

16 OZ. CAN


The taste actually woke me up a lot quicker than the caffeine did.  After the first sip, I wasn’t exactly sure what to think—it’s got an exceptionally thick grape flavor, and it’s really, really in-your-face intense—perhaps best way to describe it is “nuclear grape beverage.”  This will not do it for some people; I myself had to take it down one small swig at a time to make it.  Reading the back of the can, the description makes reference to the Monster’s inspiration for the drink, a fruit juice/liquor hybrid (or class of hybrids) known colloquially as jungle juice (don’t laugh, but that’s a term I had to look up—I never drank).  Knowing this kind of made sense of the taste, which in spite of the almost overwhelming intensity, has a certain homemade, homogenized charm to it that I actually found appealing.  In short, it’s most definitely an acquired taste, and one you may have to work to acquire, but having drunk it and warred with myself over how I feel about it I can say that I do like it.


The effectiveness of Monster Energy’s products has always been kind of hit-and-miss with me.  The original Monster Energy wasn’t bad, if not exactly the “meanest energy supplement on the planet,” as it claimed.  Monster Energy—Assault and Monster Energy—Import were both pretty potent, while Monster Energy—DUB Edition and Monster Energy—Khaos were both kind of anemic.  Monster Energy—MIXXD was actually one of the better ones, far above the Monster Energy average—didn’t waste any time getting started, and once it got me going, it didn’t disappoint, bringing about a significant state of alertness and considerable jitters.


The initial high-intensity buzz didn’t last as long as some I’ve had, but even still, there remained in its place a significant boost that did not relent for quite a while after the fact.  It lasts about as long as one can realistically need, and then some.


Up until this point, I’ve been pretty unimpressed with the Monster Energy line as a whole.  After Monster Energy—MIXXD, my mind is open again.  I’ve still got Monster Energy—M-80 and both Anti-Gravity and Killer-B of the Monster Nitrous line to go, but even if Monster Energy doesn’t strike back and blow me away with any of those three, it’s still got Monster Energy-MIXXD to speak for it, and that’s still saying something.

24 OZ. CAN


My past experience with the 16 oz. MIXXD told me that I could expect a wallop out of their 24 oz. can, and that’s what I got—a bolder, more intense kick that blew my fatigue out of the water and had me going full throttle.


At least amongst its Monster peers, the longevity of the kick supplied by the 24 oz. MIXXD has few equals.  At least 4½, 5 hours of useful energy can be anticipated.


Monster Energy—MIXXD’s 24 oz. can is certainly powerful, though I have to say it is not so much more powerful than the 16 oz. can that I would go out of my way to find the bigger can, which I found a lot harder to track down than its younger brother.  If you love MIXXD, have the 24 oz. can readily available, don’t mind paying the extra coin or getting the extra calories, I say go for it.  Otherwise, just stick with 16 ounces.

UPDATE: As of November 2012, Monster Energy—MIXXD has been discontinued.

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  1. Found an abundant stash at the local Big Lots to my utter surprise...No one seems to carry Mixxd anymore in the Mid Atlantic region...let alone the 24oz cans I stumbled across, which is good for me since I seem to be in the small minority that really enjoys this Monster...and they only cost $1!

  2. Found 12Oz cans at my local dollar tree yesterday. Needless to say bought 10 and have 4 left, my friend had 2 and I've had 4 between two days

  3. They always discontinue the ones I want to try before I even get the chance. Stupid gas stations in my area only carry a few types at a time, and for the most part don't change them out.


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