Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review for True Colors--Orange-Tangerine




I have never seen True Colors—Orange-Tangerine outside of a Big Lots store, but if you’re hoping to get a hold of this or any other True Colors flavor, you should probably be able to find this unless you’re reading this review years after I post it—True Colors is very slow to leave the shelves, as though it were a sort of undead energy drink that refused to acknowledge the fact that it’s been discontinued.


I can’t complain about the packaging on Orange-Tangerine as much as I did the original; it seems that at least somebody involved in designing the can thought, “Hey…we’re calling this drink True Colors, so why don’t we put some color on the can?  I know!  Since it’s Orange-Tangerine, let’s make the dots orange!  Orange flavor, orange dots!  It’s brilliant!  It’s still got a fairly lazy motif to be sure, but at least the orange and the rest of the (black) can work together to form an at least halfway acceptable color scheme.


I’ll give True Colors props for thinking to put tangerine in their drink (I’d love to see more companies do something with the hosts of citrus fruits apart from orange and lemon than actually do), but the execution isn’t spectacular.  The tangerine taste offers a pleasant distinctness to the beverage, but the flavor gives way to a generic orange soda effect with a sort of bitter chalkiness to further mar it.  Nice try, True Colors, but maybe next time you could…oh wait, never mind.  You went out of business.


Meh.  Kick’s passable.  You’ll notice it, it might help you stay awake through class, but there isn’t anything else to say about it other than that.  Bypass this and buy something stronger if your need to stay awake is desperate.


True-Colors—Orange-Tangerine helped me awake for my first couple of classes, but about two hours later, the drinks capacity to induce alertness had burnt out, and I was ready for a nap.


The only thing really noteworthy about True Colors—Orange-Tangerine is their use of tangerine in the drink, but even this suffers from lackluster implementation and a subpar kick.  You’ll be better off drinking a Rockstar (Sugar Free if you’re counting calories) to for energy and eating a couple of tangerines to satisfy your cravings for the flavor.  True Colors—Orange-Tangerine doesn’t really offer anything worth seeking it out for.

WEBSITE: Was…wait, do I even need to mention that?

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