Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review for Archer Farms--Sugar Free Cherry Citrus

I’m going to apologize in advance for the bare-bones nature of this review, but I think it’s appropriate, given the fact that this is a bare-bones energy drink.  I have almost nothing to say about it; it is unremarkable in just about every sense of the word; the best I can say is that it at least tastes better than most of the other Archer Farms energy drinks.  If that’s all you need to hear, great—because that’s about all there is that needs saying.  For the sake of completion, however, I’m going to follow my usual review format.  Let my inability to really find anything to say about it stand as a witness against it.


70 mg


If you can find a Target, you can find Archer Farms—Sugar Free Cherry Citrus, or any Archer Farms energy drink, for that matter.


Passable store-brand energy drink fare—colors are nice and deep (a plus, even if I don’t particularly like pink), layout is plain but still clean enough that I can’t be too critical.


I guess I have to say that I don’t mind the flavor—it’s almost like cherry 7-Up, but not nearly as sweet.  Still, it’s not something so delicious that I’m going to be taking it down by the case on a daily basis.


Virtually nonexistent.


The drink was so weak as to be almost imperceptible—how am I supposed to know how long it worked?


Drink for the taste if the description appeals to you, not for the kick—because you won’t get one.


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