Monday, April 9, 2012

Review for Amp Energy--Boost (Cherry)

NOTE: When this first came out, the caffeine content/energy blend led me to believe that this was just a repackaged Overdrive—but now people are starting to tell me that Amp's done some tweaking.  Thoughts?


160 mg


As common as any of ‘em.


Red looks just as good on the new, more refined Amp look as it does the old.  No complaints here.


Alright, alright—I know what you’re going to say here—“Hey, last time you reviewed this drink, you hated it!  And now—you’re giving it a decent score?  What gives?”  Well, here’s the deal—first time I had this, I drank it straight out of the can, and yes, it tasted pretty bad.  This time, however, I had it on the rocks—and it tasted alright.  Nothing spectacular—but decent, and like cherry.  Here’s a perfect example of how the way you have the drink affects the flavor—something that seems nasty out of the can may taste great on ice, and vice versa.  So if you’re going to drink this one—I definitely recommend some ice.  You’ll regret it if you don’t.


Drinking this on an empty stomach, I found the intensity to be about average—mostly manifest as heightened alertness, with few jitters.  Expect less if drinking with a meal.


If I hadn’t been sure before that this was just a repackaged version of Amp Energy—Overdrive, the fact it was would have been established with certainty by the spectacular longevity of the drink.  Timing my buzz, I found that I got a good 5-5½ hours of solid energy before finishing without a crash.


Having tried it on the rocks, I feel far more inclined to state this time around that Amp Boost—Cherry is a worthwhile beverage.  As long as you’re willing to drink it thus, you’ll enjoy a decent taste with notable efficacy.  If you’re drinking it straight from the can…well, at least you’ll still be able to enjoy the kick.


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  1. this one is most definately different. the green one is the only one that stayed the same. it has 130 calories per entire can while the green one has 220 which it used to. its a different new lighter formula. much less sour than the old boost. i prefer the new one much easier to drink less sugar but still tastes great and has the yerba

  2. Such a waste of a company :/ Ruined the most perfect drink

  3. I'm fine with it straight out of the can. Sort of like a Mt. Dew Code Red with a big kick.

    btw, love the site

  4. I'm drinking this right now, first in the can, next on the rocks, and I'm not getting a huge flavor difference between the two. I will say that in the can, the flavor is obviously more powerful and bitter, but on the rocks, it's nice and brisk. I would say this is the type of drink that tastes better cold. Personally, I love the flavor, it reminds me of an energy drink version of Sierra Mist Cranberry. Great review site, I had no idea there were review sites for energy drinks!

    1. Well, thank you for checking the site out/leaving your compliments, and thank you for leaving your thoughts on the drink--cheers!

  5. first time out of the can, i fell in love baby!

  6. why does a 8oz serving contain 60 cal. but the whole can has 130???

  7. I tried this today and it's tastes than it did the first time I had it (when it was called Overdrive). The medical taste seemed less noticeable. The same medical taste disappeared when I poured it over the rocks.


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