Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review for Red Bull--The Blue Edition


80 mg


Yesterday in my review of The Red Edition, I noted that these are not nearly as widely distributed as the original flavors—the website claims that they are only sold at exclusive clubs in a handful of large cities, and 7-Eleven (where I bought them) claims they are only being sold at 7-Eleven.  So, doing a little Internet “research”, I learned that these are sort of an experiment—the idea is to distribute just to 7-Eleven, which is one of the nation’s largest Red Bull retailers, and see how well they are received—and if things go well, these just might go national.  To give you an idea as to how it looks like this is working: I stopped at one 7-Eleven, drawn in by the Red Bull Editions sign.  I walked to the Red Bull cooler they had there, and I found them—well, two of them.  The Blue Edition had been completely cleaned out, and only a very small supply of the Red and Silver Editions remained.  I had to travel about five minutes more to the next closest 7-Eleven, where I was able to grab a can of The Blue Edition—though supplies at this store of all three flavors were wearing thin.


I’m really quite enamored with this little can.  As I indicated in my review for Rockstar Zero Carb, I’m a real sucker for blue and silver together—and when you couple that with the calculated minimalism of this new Red Bull can, you get one heck of a striking product.


After enjoying The Red Edition so thoroughly, my mind was quite open for The Blue Edition—despite the low standard set for the enormous amounts of drinks toting the ever-derivative “blueberry pomegranate” flavor.  I popped open the can and was almost immediately hit with the strong smell of fresh blueberries—a good sign, since the blueberry pomegranate clichĂ© tends to have more of a vague berry smell.  Then I poured it over ice and took a swig….

HOLY FLIPFARTS THIS IS A FREAKING DELICIOUS ENERGY DRINK!  I honestly thought I was drinking carbonated blueberry juice—it really is that good.  It even manages to avoid the propensity of blueberry-flavored products to taste dry—no hint of that there.

Whatever you say about the Red Bull Company, you can’t deny that they go about their innovations in a very calculated, meticulous fashion—if you remember the (sadly) discontinued Red Bull Cola, you know what I’m talking about.  You can taste this attribute in The Blue Edition through and through—Red Bull knew exactly what they were going for, and they really hit the nail on the head in terms of execution.  Very well done, Red Bull.  Very well done indeed.


As I noted in yesterday’s review of The Red Edition, 8.4 ounces of a Red Bull product doesn’t go all that far, but it is good for a mild boost/clearing out of the cerebral cobwebs.  I also said that The Red Edition might be my go-to beverage for that sort of thing—but as delicious as The Blue Edition has proven, I think that Red will be coming in second.


I was able to get two and a half hours of energy out of one can—with no crash.  As I said in yesterday’s review, its applications are somewhat limited in terms of intensity and duration, but within that sphere of applicability, there is nothing better.


Even if The Red Edition won’t make a Red Bull man/woman out of you (it did me; the fact that it was surpassed by The Blue Edition was just an added bonus), The Blue Edition is almost guaranteed to do so.  I don’t care what your thoughts on the original Red Bull or the company in general are—they have made one heck of an energy drink here, and it is worthy of any energy drinker’s consideration.  As for myself, I hope that these Editions will be a hit, because I would love to make these a staple, and that they start to produce it in the 20 oz. cans—because that seems to me to be just the right amount to consume in one sitting.


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  1. Your assessment of this is surprising.

    Looks like I'll be buying something from Red Bell for the first time since they marketed Red Bull Cola.

    1. Do, and please let me know what you think once you do--I'm interested in seeing if others react to this in the way I did.

    2. lol I just realized I say "Red Bell" above.

      I don't do soft drinks as much as I used to. When I turned 21 around the mid 2000s, my passion turned to cocktails and spirits(my blog: But before age 21, soda and energy drinks were my bag, which is why I follow your blog. The energy drink market was exploding back when I was banging, and evidently it still is.

      The aroma to me is not simply of fresh blueberries, but also of that characteristic Red Bull smell. I'm ultra-sensitive(in a negative way) to that medicinal bubblegum flavor industry standard, which Red Bull perhaps pioneered. That's a reason I could never blog about what you do; wouldn't you say that at least 60% of energy drinks taste the same?

      Anyway, there's more of that bubblegum in this stuff than I was hoping for, but it's not bad. I wasn't expecting it to be so tart, either. Blueberry is the overwhelming flavor(I generally have a distaste for blueberries, as per my other blog:, and I can perhaps detect pomegranate in a placebo sense. Overall, not my cup of tea, but quite a bit better than Red Bull standard. I would give its taste a 6/10.

      BTW, do you know if these colored editions of Red Bull are limited time only? They might qualify to be reviewed on my Ephemeral Noms blog.

      Keep up the good work, my man!

    3. I very much appreciate your comments--thanks for getting back! To address your two questions: 1) Yes, about 60% of energy drinks are Red Bull clones, some good, some not. It does get rather tiresome, but fortunately I have the energy shots to give me a bit of perspective--I think I have tried maybe five shots that are not in one way or another clones of the 5 Hour Energy line, and I'm getting really sick of might say the 5 Hour flavor is to me what the traditional energy drink flavor is to you. 2) I seem to recall reading that these were supposed to be limited edition; I also heard that if they sold well that they'd be brought into regular production, so I don't know whether or not they qualify for your blog--they certainly did at one point. If you're looking for a limited edition energy drink for review, I'd head to your local Big Lots and see if they're currently carrying Monster Energy--Heavy Metal. That was a limited edition beverage that took me forever to find; it was discontinued a couple of years back but I can still find it quite regularly at Big Lots.

      Thanks again for the feedback. Cheers!

  2. If Red Bull made Blue and Red Editions in the same sizes as their standard crap flavor, I'd go broke from buying it all. Unless they dropped the price to that of other drinks. Then I'd only go half-broke. Sooo...I guess I'm stuck with Monster Rehab Lemonade, Rojo, and Green Tea for now. I think Rockstar Recovery Lemonade tastes like death in a can, even when chilled, but it's a great pick-me-up that doesn't give me instant diabetes and a bigger crash than (insert tasteless joke about recent botched landing in San Francisco).

  3. They need to release these in the 12, 16, and 20 oz cans. I love the blue edition with a passion, and always end up buying two, the 8.4 oz cans are simply not enough. I end up drinking it too fast because it tastes so good.

  4. I also didn't have high hopes for the blueberry flavor but I ended up LOVING IT. I actually found myself licking the inside of my molars where seeds get stuck while eating actual blueberries, haha. Like, it was that good of a flavor that I distractedly thought it was real... cool.

    The blue is the only one I get to drink on its own. The other two flavors I use for mixers. (Cherry vodka and the silver one go well together for a twist on a regular vodka red bull!)

  5. I had this a few months ago & thought it was good. But it only gave me enough energy to stay awake.

  6. I just tried a red bull for once for the first time. The blue edition that is. They have been sitting in my fridge for a while now, and never thought I would drink them. well I ended up having a bad day and was throwing up like crazy and lost a lot of energy and nutrients, let alone the energy. I did not have many options to hydrate myself with Gatorade or pedyolyte, so I saw the blue can just sitting in the back of the fridge, chilled to the max. so I grabbed one and opened it, I said why not. I saw on the can that it energizes the mind and body, just what I needed at the time. so I sipped it thinking I was crazy, and the smell was just something else. I gave it two good drinks and ended up finishing the can feeling a lot more energy but still weak at the same time. it had helped a lot but I don't know if it would be my first choice after losing bodily fluids. it did me well this time, and might drink another, being new to the red bull world. so over all yeah it is a great drink and the can is cool looking. but I don't normally drink sugared drink like these, because they will have me jumping all over the place if I am well. in this case I am up and somewhat energized, so I can't complain. I looked up the blue edition, and came across this site.


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