Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review for Hi Ball Energy--Wild Berry


200 mg


I got this can (and all other Hi Ball products I will be reviewing) at Fred Meyer, though I do not believe distribution to be limited to that one chain.  Check local health food stores and “Natural Foods” sections of local stores; one should be able to locate them thusly.


I very much like the simplicity with which Hi Ball designs their drinks, and must award points for demonstrating that there is not a negative correlation between the simplicity of a design and the efficacy of a design.  I consider the bright red employed by the Cranberry Apple flavor to be more effective than the maroon of the Wild Berry flavor—the maroon just doesn’t convey boldness quite as well as I’d like.


Better than Cranberry Apple, but not by a whole lot—the wild berry flavor is a little fuller, but there’s still a degree of flatness by which I was turned off to a considerable degree.


I have to admit that this drink was effective—but I’m still having a hard time being excited about it.  You get a pretty decent pick-me-up without the slightest semblance of jitters—but I was hoping for something more.  There are plenty of situations in which this would be perfectly adequate, but for whatever reason, I didn’t really enjoy it.  Rather than thinking, “WOO!  I’m AWAKE!” I was left thinking, “Alright…I’m awake.  Now what?”


Got your standard three and a half hours out of this drink.  Absolutely no crash.


Try as I might, I really just can’t seem to make myself care about this drink—sure, it gets the job done, but not to such a degree that I’m hastening to recommend it…or even so much as desirous to recommend it, for that matter.  Drink it if organic energy appeals to you—it’s done as good a job as any such drink so far.

WEBSITE: hiballer.com

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