Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review for Guayaki Yerba Mate--Lemon Elation


150 mg


Finding a store that carries Guayaki cans is difficult in and of itself, and when one does it’s usually the unexciting Revel Berry that they sell.  Plan on looking long and hard before you find Lemon Elation.


The Lemon Elation can is vibrant and beautiful, with bright shades of yellow in the background making it appear vastly more eye-catching than the dark but otherwise attractive Revel Berry.  An added bonus is the triumphant Amazonian holding up the gourd of mate—I have never seen anything so accurately convey the feeling experienced after consuming something delicious and caffeinated.


When I opened the Lemon Elation can, I expected…well, elation.  Sure, some turn out to be a bust, but when a lemonade energy drink turns out right, it turns out right.  That said, I was very surprised and quite disappointed with the apparent lack of ambition in this drink.  When I drink lemonade, I want something bold, something up font, something sour and delicious—but the lemon in Lemon Elation is extremely subdued and muted, and you cannot make a lemon beverage if it’s going to be subdued and muted.  It just doesn’t work.  It’s not a bad energy drink by any stretch of the imagination, but it falls far short of what it could be, and I certainly don’t like it enough to pay $2.59 for it again.


Fortunately, the kick’s pretty nice—at least initially.  The kick is pretty smooth and jitter free; I just wish it kept up the initial intensity for longer than a half hour.


Overall effects lasted just over three hours.


While Lemon Elation has potential as an energy drink, it squanders it and settles for being a weaker (flavorwise) beverage.  Not worth the price—just move along.


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