Friday, November 2, 2012

Review for 5 Hour Energy--Pink Lemonade


138 mg


Not as common as other 5 Hour shots, but will probably show up in more locations soon enough—which is good news if you’re looking to donate to breast cancer charities by getting a mixed energy experience.


As bright as it is, you can see this shot from across the room—and, funnily enough, you know exactly what it’s about.  Pink product in a line of products that’s not normally pink typically = portion of proceeds to breast cancer research.  I’m in favor of this cause, but…I don’t like the look of the shot.  The 5 Hour running guy is not the 5 Hour running guy without mountains or a sunset.


Not good—but, still better than the rest of the 5 Hour lot.  The pink lemonade is actually marginally convincing, and it’s well-executed enough to cover a good deal of the vile sourness and bitterness that I get with the other 5 Hour shots—but it still suffers from the acrid sweetener blend.  Curses….


In this sense, Pink Lemonade is every bit as good as the rest, providing a decent level of alertness with zero jitters—actually a relatively natural-feeling experience.


Count on the anticipated five hours—sans crash.


I still think it’s an inferior energy experience (a Monster Rehab—Lemonade is a superior substitute), but if you looooove 5 Hour Energy shots had have refused counseling, buy this one—it tastes better than the rest, and you’re helping out a good cause.

For the ladies—here’s how to do a breast self-exam, just because I think it’s important:


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