Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review for Sobe Energize--Green Tea


20 mg


Found most everywhere Sobe beverages are sold.


To begin with, I have to apologize for the picture.  It would mean a lot more to readers out there if I went out and took pictures of full bottles, but I’ve been sitting on these reviews for a while, and I just need to get them posted—I hate being behind.  Anyway, packaging is passable in terms of informing consumers what it’s all about; I would love to see something to make the “energize” part pop a bit more.  And…Sobe, I’m sorry, but life hasn’t been the same since you started coming in plastic bottles.  Major points off for that.


Sweet and mildly earthy—connoisseurs will be furious; your everyday consumer will probably think it’s alright.  I did appreciate how well the stevia was…wielded here.  With stevia, if you use more than can fit on the end of a toothpick, you are faced with a veritable holocaust of acrid sweetness that absolutely refuses to leave your mouth until at least a week has passed.  Here, it’s perceptible…but just barely.  It almost makes the beverage taste minty.


Unless you count being refreshed as being energized, don’t look for a boost out of this.


Nothing to speak of.


It’s true that most people out there aren’t looking to get wired off of this beverage, but if you’re going to advertise this as being energizing, it wouldn’t kill you to add about 60 more milligrams of caffeine.  Until that happens, caffeine-thirsty consumers will have to seek their buzz elsewhere.


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