Saturday, December 1, 2012

Review for Clif Shot Energy Gel--Strawberry


25 mg/pouch


Less common than most Clif products, but not uncommon enough to cause much concern regarding acquisition.


The packaging is nice and clean to be sure, but most of the appeal in this lies in its being compact and nifty.  Especially worthy of note is the litter leash, which apparently keeps the top from being completely separated from the rest of the package when opened and thus aids in the prevention of inadvertent littering.  Way to be earth-smart, Clif Bar & Company!


This isn’t something I’d say I enjoyed all that much, even though it certainly tasted better than PowerBar’s strawberry banana energy gel—this was more like a thick strawberry jelly or syrup than a salt/glucose homogeny.  Won’t be a go-to product for me in the foreseeable future, but I’ve had worse.


It wouldn’t be true if I were to say I felt nothing upon ingesting this energy gel, but all the same I wasn’t very impressed.  I did feel slightly invigorated, but there was also an absence of the refreshed feeling I got out of PowerBar’s own energy gel, which I quite liked.


Worked somewhere less than an hour.


I like that Clif one-upped PowerBar when it comes to flavor, but I still wasn’t all that impressed with the performance.  I’d just pass on this one.


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