Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review for Amp Energy--Boost (Original Sugar Free)


142 mg


Low calorie energy drinks don’t sell terribly well here where I live, but there seems to be a renewed effort on the part of retailers with the revamping of the Amp line to push the Sugar Free version of Amp.  Consequentially, it’s a little more common than Amp Energy—Sugar Free was.


The new Amp format and the typical Amp Sugar Free color combination are employed here, with average results.  Nothing special, nothing worth a rant.  I will say the matte appearance burnished aluminum is a nice improvement…but that’s as far as I’ll go.


Taste is exactly the same as the Amp Energy—Sugar Free…no surprises there.  For those new to the scene however, imagine diet Mountain Dew, and you have the idea.  If you like diet Mountain Dew, chances are you’ll like this one.  Otherwise, you’re not missing anything in grabbing something else. 


Intensity’s average—you’re awake, you’re alert, not all that jittery.  In most situations it should do the trick, but it’s nothing memorable.


Longevity’s also average—anticipate three hours of energy or so, with no crash.


Having gone through the entire Klr Bz line and a few beverages of the Viso line, it sure is disheartening to get back into these painfully ordinary beverages.  If you’re into diet Mountain Dew and want something with a bit more of a kick (emphasis on bit), by all means, grab one of these.

WEBSITE: ampenergy.com

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  1. I tried this version today and I don't like the taste. It did give me a little energy.

  2. it's 142 MG of caffeine per can, not 147. Might want to double check it. Also the taste is nothing to write home about. If it wasn't 2 for $3, I would pass and go for Sugar Free R*.


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