Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review for Wired X 3000


188 mg


Wired X 3000 is one of the harder varieties to find, and when one does happen across it, it tends to be found in isolation from other Wired beverages (so…not WinCo).  Best chance in finding it is to keep your eyes peeled, and you should stumble across it eventually.


The more I think of it, the less the Wired getup seems to work.  The exact same motif used on the original is used here, except with a mid-blue background and lighter orange flames.  As with Amp Energy, the look works better on some than on others, and the noticeably generic qualities of the can are further emphasized by the color scheme employed here.  (As an aside, the pic suckssorry about that.)


Wired X 3000 has the same Red Bull flavor as the original, except perhaps with a bit more of a bitter aftertaste.  It still makes for a passable taste experience, even if inferior to some.


I actually kind of like the “choose-your-own-Red-Bull-clone” idea that Wired has with some of their drinks—keep the flavor, alter the energy blend so that interested parties can pick the blend that works for them.  In this case, the difference from the original is the addition of 3000 mg of taurine, and I definitely noticed a positive difference in performance from the original—I was exhausted from my scanty 4½ hours of sleep, and Wired X 3000 woke me up about as well as an ice-cold shower.


The energy peak lasted about an hour, and from there it did go downhill—I can’t say I’m surprised, given how much sleep I received the night before.  From there I felt tired once more, but still very in control for another 2+ hours before I was ready for a long nap.


It tastes alright and works well—that’s all there really is to know about Wired X 3000.  If you like Red Bull clones and need a boost, here’s yet another option.

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