Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review for Monster Energy--M-80


160 mg


Monster Energy—M-80 is sold more or less everywhere that they sell the original.  Not hard to acquire.


Like the other juice-inspired/containing Monster Energy products (Monster Energy—Khaos and Monster Energy—MIXXD), this drink features the bolted sheet metal motif, with the Monster M in an almost radioactive yellow color.  I really like this design with the yellow; it has a cool sort of industrial look to it that the other two juice-oriented Monster Energy beverages do not.


This drink tastes a lot like a non-carbonated Rockstar (the non-carbonation being explained by the fact that it is, per the namesake, 80% juice…M for Monster, 80 for 80% juice…you get it), and seeing as I love Rockstar, you can probably imagine that I loved this drink (so that you don't get any wrong impressions…this drink is different enough from Rockstar that it stands alone as a distinct beverage, and is not to be esteemed as a Rockstar rip-off).  A delicious and refreshing tropical fruit juice flavored drink, this is definitely one of the better-tasting beverages Monster Energy has put out.


The kick is similar to the original Monster Energy if a bit more noticeable—in other words, not too shabby.  Not enough to get me jittery, but enough to keep me up and working without any troubles, so the end result is to be considered more than acceptable.


The staying power of the drink is decent, and sufficiently reliable.  Drank it before helping my sister-in-law and husband move into their new apartment, and I didn’t feel any sort of fatigue before the job was done, some 2½, 3 hours later.


Though there are other beverages out there that are plenty more powerful than this one, I loved the taste of this drink, and I was not let down by the kick, so I have no reservations against recommending it for your day-to-day energy-requiring situation.  It doesn’t taste like the rest of the Monster Energy line (!), so it’s perfect if you’re looking for something different from their usual but esteem yourself a bit of a Monster Energy loyalist.

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  1. This is my favourite monster, and I was extremely disappointed when I couldn't find it anywhere for like a year. Then I found the khaos a few weeks ago.. It's almost identical tasting! =)

  2. Why would a company call their drink M-80 boasting 80% FRUIT JUICE then continue to call it M-80 reducing the FRUIT JUICE content to 30%???!!!???
    What a joke!!! I ordered the M-80's because of the juice content...healthier than typical energy drinks. NO LONGER THE CASE!!! Think about it...they reduced the FRUIT JUICE content by 50%...what did they replace it with? Sugar and FAKE sweeteners??? They took out the potassium, vitamin C and who knows what else. That is rotten!!!


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