Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review for Go Fast Light


162 mg


Less dispersed than the original, but still easier to come by than all the rest.  With just about any Go Fast drink, I’ve found that you’ll go for months between sightings, and then while passing through some random location you’ll suddenly see it/them just about everywhere.


I actually appreciate the aluminum exposure on this can—the silver, the black, and the diagonal logo actually work well to create a cleaner, less busy appearance than that of the original; the combination actually creates expectations of a drink that’s light on the calories but not the flavor (especially the flavor…this is a Go Fast beverage, after all, and whatever we’re in for, it will definitely be interesting).


Go Fast Light is a very, very, very strange-tasting beverage.  It shares this characteristic with the original, but this is not a low-cal version of that drink (the can actually talks about delivering the effects of the discontinued Z17, which I’ve heard is strawberry-flavored).  The taste is completely different—an unusual strawberry-ish flavor is the first thing that hits you, and is followed up by a bitter, artificial sweetener/seltzer water taste.  That said, if you aren’t turned off by the sheer oddity of the whole experience (which happened to me when I drank the original), you might actually find yourself enjoying the full flavor and light texture of this drink.


Go Fast Light boasts a pretty solid kick; and it hits you pretty dang quick—or at least it seemed to be that way; I was sipping my way through the can, so it could have been the fact that I was just finishing it slowly.  At any rate, I was pretty buzzed by the time I was through with the can, and it was a nice, high-functioning level of energy to be at.  I actually have to say I really enjoyed this drink's effects.


This really wasn’t one to taper off quickly—that high-functioning level of energy I was talking about lasted about 3½ hours before any sort of tapering occurred, after which I got about another half hour of alertness before I was finally ready for an afternoon nap.


Final word: Go Fast Light is a strange-tasting drink with a pretty good kick.  If this is the sort of thing that appeals to you, Go Fast Light is something you'll definitely want to get your hands on.

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