Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review for Red Rain Hydroplane


142 mg


Used to be as easy as visiting your local Dollar Tree—though I’ve noticed that supplies of this one in particular have dwindled considerably.


Color’s nice, the motif generally unexciting.  Besides mentioning how strange it is to see that tramp stamp design over and over and still have no clue whatsoever what it’s there for, that’s all there really is to say.


I’ve been okay with this flavor in times past—the blueberry pomegranate flavor that doesn’t really taste like either of those things—just because of its relative agreeability compared to numerous other (particularly Red Rain) offerings.  Fact of the matter is, though, I’m getting really tired of it.  This flavor started out short of its potential, and short of its potential it’s stayed—and with industry leaders coming out with powerhouse energy beverages (think Monster’s Rehab line, or Red Bull’s Editions line) on a relatively regular basis, there’s no excuse for this sort of mediocrity to continue the way it has.  Know what happens to a stagnant pool of water?  Well, same deal here.


Same as every Red Rain beverage—very, very, very, very average.  Need to be awake?  Moderately functional?  You can count on any Red Rain beverage, including this one, for that.  Just don’t expect anything more.


These last about three hours; crash ensues afterwards—unless, I’ve found, that I work that sugar off at the gym.


There is nothing whatsoever that is even remotely remarkable about this beverage, and the experience of drinking it/feeling the effects can hardly be called such.  Just pass this one over.  Someone who hasn’t read this review will grab it.

WEBSITE: redrain.ca

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