Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review for Bawls Guarana Cherry


67 mg/10 oz. bottle
100 mg/16 oz. can


Bawls Guarana Cherry is somewhat harder to find than the original, though it isn’t by any means impossible.  10 oz. bottles are also much easier to find than 16 oz cans, but this doesn’t matter unless you’re a collector like unto myself.


The can features the same layout as the original Bawls Guarana can (Bawls logo/flavor up front and uniform pattern of white/silver circles over the rest of the can), the only difference being the use of metallic red as the background color.  The result is quite pleasing to the eye, even if it has a festive look that I’m not certain was intended (imagine the can at the center of a Christmas wreath…yeah, you get the idea).  The bottle gets an extra point for being very eye-catching with an extreme minimum of pretentiousness.


The taste is not very different from the original, save for the expected hint of cherry.  As with the original, my first experience was a bit on the lukewarm side, but out of the chilled bottle—delicious.



If you’ve read my review of the original 10 oz. bottle, you have the gist of what’s coming.  The boost I got from drinking 10 ounces of Bawls Guarana Cherry wasn’t the most formidable I’ve had—but, if all you’re looking for is something to give you a little extra pep, you couldn’t ask for better.


That pep I just mentioned lasted me about two and a half hours—like I said, a little on the low end if you’re really needing something heavy duty, but excellent if not.


Even though I’ll probably be sticking with the original, I would have no trouble picking up a bottle of Bawls Guarana Cherry again, and if you 1) liked the original Bawls, or 2) like cherry, this is something that I would recommend.

16 OZ. CAN


The kick from a can of Bawls Guarana Cherry lies on the border of what I consider to be adequate—enough perhaps to keep one awake while studying or driving, though looking back, I would probably pick something that packs more of a punch if I find I'm passing out.  I’m not as enthusiastic reporting on the can as I was on the bottle—while the bottle fit into its niche perfectly, this one’s more of an interniche drink—not quite strong enough for what it feels like it’s shooting for.


No real difference from the original—maybe by a hair.  My watch said about three hours and fifteen minutes.


I see no harm in grabbing a can of Bawls Guarana Cherry if one feels thus inclined, but my preference remains for the bottle.  If you like it enough, grab a can, but go with something else if you’re in need of a serious boost.


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