Monday, August 6, 2012

Review for AZ Energy Low Carb


200 mg


Arizona drinks are, for all intents and purposes, ubiquitous—which makes the fact that I’ve only seen these drinks at Dollar Tree seem strange.  See if you can find it there; I’ll be interested in seeing if the drink is typical of every Dollar Tree store or if it’s just carried at the one near to where I live.


AZ Energy Low Carb looks like the negative of a photo of the original—white and gold crackle in the background, black ice in the lower foreground, and a blinged-out AZ logo up front.  Nice to look upon, but the complaint expounded upon in my review of the original applies—the light blue of the low carb version and the green of the original are too reminiscent of Monster’s style to not put across the erroneous impression that these are Monster clones, which are as common as anything else on the market and are becoming increasingly tiresome to drink.


There’s really nothing to say here that I didn’t say in my review of the original.  The low-carb version has the same strange flavor (guarana up front, followed up by complex fruit blend), and the same unique nature that makes this a ‘love it or hate it’ sort of drink.


Blessedly, you can count on as serious a kick as delivered by the original—minus, perhaps, some degree of jitters due to the lack of sugar.  Regardless, it’s got enough of a jolt to really wake you up and get you going for just about any energy-requiring situation.


Four hours of consistent energy, no crash.


AZ Energy Low Carb is, for all intents and purposes, indistinguishable from the original AZ Energy—and it naturally follows that the same council I gave in that review applies here.  I’m going to offer no quality judgment on the flavor so as to encourage readers to try it out and decide for themselves—but I will say that the impressive kick alone makes it worth that one shot, even if it turns out they really don’t like it.  Happy drinking!

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  1. This is an awesome post!!!

    This energy drink is all me....I miss all those energy drinks that have disappeared like Adrenaline Rush, The Sobe Superman, and the original Sugar Free NOS in the silver/organge.

    Anyway...this is my favorite by far.

    And YES I now buy it at my local dollar tree...for only a $1 its the best buy too!

  2. They also carry these at 99 Cents Only stores. I like the flavor very much (a light, crisp, slightly citrus taste that's not overly sweet). Will continue to buy for the caffeine content (100mg x 2 servings per can), price ($1.00), and flavor!

  3. i tend to stick to low carb and cheap. this one is not only both of those but it also has an impressive amount of supplements in it. i go to 99 cents only and get about 10 of these along with about 10 sugar free spider energys for my gf and i. sadly, that only lasts us a week but im only out about $23 incl tax & deposit. i would rate the low carb az amongst the most healthy energy drinks.


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