Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review for Kick Ass Energy


100 mg


Very popular, apparently, in the Denver area—but seeing as I don’t live there, it’s tough to come by.  Special thanks to BigRedBoots at for the sample, especially considering that these aren’t cheap!


I appreciate the company that put out this shot, mostly because I think they come out with some decent hot sauces.  All ploys used in packaging their hot sauces are used here with the same positive effect, inducing within me a healthy mix of eagerness and respect for the fact that this is probably not going to be a mild flavor experience.


My feelings on the flavor here are profoundly mixed.  First thing that I get when I open the bottle was a scent with a nice spicy bite—and seeing as I love spicy, I’m eager to take a swig.  The first little bit did not impress me—kind of a vague fruity flavor that I couldn’t place.   But then, a second flavor takes over—that of red pepper jelly.

Let me tell you, there is almost nothing in the food world I love more than red pepper jelly—especially with those light air crackers and cream cheese.  If common sense didn’t restrain me, I think that, sushi, and a few other items would be all I ate.

In summary, Kick Ass Energy barely misses becoming the perfect energy shot.  If I could do away with that initial fruity taste that defaces the rest of the experience, I would be jumping off the walls for joy right now.


Actually, the 100 mg here deliver a fairly respectable kick, all things considered.  It got me awake quite quickly after a long night of studying, and had me buzzing about my business as though I had gotten to bed and arisen early.


Three and a half hours—no crash!


Again—this comes so freaking close to being one of the best energy products I’ve ever had—I’m just so put off by the blah fruitiness I tasted at first that it’s hard to think about how I enjoyed the rest of it.  Still, if you get the chance, please do try it—it’s worth it, even with the $4.99 price tag.


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