Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review for Monster Nitrous--Killer B

A while back, I was reading a review on edjunkie.com and read the review for this drink.  Two formulations were mentioned—an old, and a new.  Well, by the time I got ahold of a can, it was for sure the new formulation—you know, with the ‘Extra Strength Nitrous Technology’ logo rather than the traditional deranged “NITROUS” logo.  Moved on with my life after the fact, but recently, while visiting a Mexican store, I came across a batch of the old can of Killer B—which had obviously been there a long time.  Grabbed a can, blew the sizable amount of dust off, bought it, and thereafter drank it.  I’m here today to note that there is indeed a difference, and to review both.  I’m going to go out of order today, just because the newer version is the one I tried first, and the comparison will make more sense if I go that route.


160 mg


I used to see this stuff everywhere; now I’m starting to notice that a few places have stopped carrying it.  Still, it’s not hard to find, and you can get it just short of everywhere.


Same unleashed-beast appearance of the other two, with the slanted Monster M, except with a moderately more regular background—yellow honeycomb in this case.  The contrast between the chaotic appearance of the other two Monster Nitrous flavors and this one is something I found intriguing; I’m surprised I haven’t seen more people buying it sooner.



I expected the characteristic release of pressure from this drink as I experienced from the others of the Monster Nitrous line, but I still wasn’t quite prepared for what I got—a tremendous WHOOSH and a spray of fine mist that reached the nearby wall and ceiling.  Checking to make sure that I still had all my fingers, I took a swig, and experienced a flavor of a curious citrus persuasion, predominantly lemon.  There was a mild sweetness akin to the sweetness of honey in there without the flavor thereof (I’m guessing that this is where the “Killer B” came from), but it was definitely less sweet than the others.  One way in which it was similar to the others is the unique carbonation and very smooth flavor, which made this pretty easy to take down.


I was noticeably fatigued before drinking this, and was brought to the point of being reasonably awake after the fact, without any jitters.  Effective, if a bit standard.


Duration was average, with no crash after the fact.  Nothing more to report other than that.


The best way to sum up this drink is a pleasant taste experience with a standard energy experience.  I don’t recommend it for a serious wake-me-up, though it should do for anything less.  My approval of it isn't the most enthusiastic I've offered, but still, I can't say there's anything to be lost in trying it.



As I mentioned, there is a difference between what you can find now and what was once available.  There’s a similar flavor profile to the new, except for two things: 1) the lemon flavor is more convincing and less generic, and 2) you can actually taste honey in there.  It’s thicker, and with a smoother sweetness than the newer version.  Nothing life changing, but enough that I liked it more.


Same as the new.  Decent, if a bit average.


Average—2½ hour’s worth of energy without a crash.


So…even if it I won’t lie in bed weeping at night because they changed the flavor (I’ll save that for the fact that Heavy Metal was discontinued), I’m a bit baffled by Monster’s decision to do so.  If you can find it, get the old version while before it’s gone for good.

UPDATE: As of September 2012, Killer B has been discontinued.

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