Friday, July 5, 2013

Review for Crystal Light Energy--Citrus


120 mg


Like Mio, like Oscar Mayer, and like that Kraft brand macaroni and cheese, you can pick this up at just about any grocery store you frequent—I personally recommend the one nearest you.  Cut down on the travel time.


I feel the same way about this that I have the other three Crystal Light Energy products—colors are nice, design is clean, caffeine content listed, pouches are easy to open…and beyond that, there’s really not that much to say.


I don’t know why they elected to call this one “citrus.”  Citrus is a vague, ambiguous term; could mean a combination of different citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, etc.), or it could mean a single flavor that’s supposed to serve as sort of the citrus archetype—tasting like all, but being one.  Or…it could mean lemon, as in this case.  This is Crystal Light lemonade with caffeine, and I have to say I think I like it even more than the other three—it has a more refreshing, delicate flavor that makes it ideal for these hot days we’ve been having as of late.  Now that that’s out, let’s call that the reasoning behind my review of energy water enhancers as of late—because it’s been freaking hot, and all the water I’ve been drinking has made it a perfect opportunity.


You drink one of these, and it doesn’t matter how tired you were beforehand—it’ll perk you right up and before you know it you’ll be going about your daily business, not even remembering you were tired in the first place.  You drink a second (I recommend a second glass of water; these don’t taste good super concentrated), and it’s going to matter even less how tired you were beforehand, and you’re going to be buzzing all over the place—still functional and still sharp, but you will for sure have a hard time sitting still as you’re getting things done.


One packet—three and a half hours, no crash.  Two packets—about five, no crash.  Three packets—no idea.  Never gone there.  I don’t recommend you do, as much for the water as anything else.  You’re almost going to need a gallon jug to dilute it properly (which would be a great way to segue into a discussion concerning dilutional hyponatremia…but I think I’ll just have you look that up, and say be smart about your water consumption), and it won’t matter how functionally energized you are—you’ll spend all that buzz time peeing yourself silly.


So if I had to recommend a Crystal Light Energy flavor it would be this one—but they all work, so if you’re into grapes or strawberries or whatever more than you are lemonade, then by all means go that route—but do give Crystal Light Energy a chance to work its magic and supply you with days of inexpensive, delicious energy.

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