Saturday, April 28, 2012

Review for Wired Sugar Free


94 mg


Less common than some Wired products, which is unusual, considering it’s the sugar free version of the original—which is also harder to find than most.  All I can tell you is that if you’re near a WinCo store, you can find it there.  Otherwise…good luck.


Not often that I see silver and white favor an energy drink’s appearance, but in this case, it does.  Don’t ask me how; I still can’t quite place my finger on why—the silver flames, white background, and red font somehow look nice together.   Maybe because it reminds me of peppermint….


I didn’t plan on enjoying Wired Sugar Free as much as I did—the original was just a Red Bull clone, and even though I do like the flavor, I wasn’t jumping out of my seat for joy as I drank it.  The diet version here is nice, though—well balanced in terms of the complex combinations of flavors that make up the traditional energy drink flavor, with a blend of artificial sweeteners that actually manages to bring out said balance and make the drink a smooth experience.


Not bad—just average.  A healthy degree of alertness is about all you get, which under some circumstances, I can appreciate.


Wired Sugar Free delivered about 2½ hours of efficacy—which is not shoddy, but not exactly spectacular, either.


In terms of taste, I quite enjoyed Wired Sugar Free, and actually ranks pretty high when compared to the majority of Red Bull clones.  Kick, however, is more standard, which I almost expect given the caffeine content.  I don’t know how I’d feel about the flavor after drinking two cans, but that’s just might be what needs to happen if you find yourself in a high energy-requiring situation and you select Wired Sugar Free as your beverage of choice.

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