Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review for V8 V-Fusion + Energy--Peach Mango


80 mg


Pretty easy to find; just check the juice aisle at your local grocery store.  A six-pack costs only #3.29 + tax…can’t beat that.


Pretty straightforward—the design consists of the logo and pictures of fruits…not the sort of thing that incites extensive description and/or analysis.


If you’re going to drink these, make sure you chill them beforehand—these are terrible warm.  As long as you serve/drink these on the rocks, they’re quite palpable—the peach is the more prominent of the flavors, with the mango being a little more understated (the peach kind of being the Mitt Romney to the mango’s Rick Santorum, if that makes sense).  It’s good enough that wouldn’t mind seeing it in a larger can—but then again, I could always drink two or three in one sitting without really worrying about expenses.


A single can won’t do a whole lot—just provide enough of a boost to notice.  Works fine, however, if you’re employing a can to wean yourself off of higher doses of caffeine….


Lasted somewhere between an hour and a half and two hours—hard to tell; again, this was not a particularly potent beverage.


So…a single can probably won’t do much for most energy seekers, but as I said, these are sold only in six-packs—so that hardly matters.  Try the multiple serving approach and let me know your thoughts.


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