Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review for Team Realtree Outdoor Energy--Blaze Orange


Like the original, I couldn’t find a caffeine content for this drink anywhere.  Unknown.


At least around here, any Team Realtree Outdoor Energy product is found at only one location, the Sportsman’s Warehouse in Idaho Falls.  Good news for those who frequent the store, bad news for those who don't.


Team Realtree Outdoor Energy—Blaze Orange comes in the same thick aluminum bottle as the other Team Realtree products (love the thick aluminum bottles), but is easy to distinguish from the others by its singularly ostentatious orange paint job (perhaps chosen to prevent the drink from getting shot).  I’m not as wild about the getup on this one as I am the original, but it still gives me nothing to complain about, succeeding in its own right.


The taste is similar to Tang, except very heavily carbonated and with a distinct and somewhat disagreeable aftertaste—not medicinal, as with drinks like Red Bull, but seems more related to the orange flavor than anything else.  I probably would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t downed the bottle in such a hurry—with carbonation like this, which I ordinarily very much appreciate, you kind of have to take it slow or it gets a little overwhelming.  Still, I can’t say it’s bad, just not a personal favorite.


Stronger and markedly less subtle in its action than the original, perhaps owing to the somewhat higher sugar content, but I’m not sure—since I can’t find a caffeine content for any of the flavors, I couldn’t tell you if there’s a difference between them.


No real difference from the original, though as noted, the effect is much less subtle and feels slightly more artificial.


Can't say there's a whole lot that's subtle about this drink—the look, the taste, the kick—it’s all very showy.  If you like your drinks more intense, I'd go with this one above the original, though I have to say I like the latter more, given the fact that it provided me with an experience unique among energy drinks, though this one is more standard. 


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  1. I remember this flavor. I tried it & it was good. Though I bought it from a grocery store on a strip mall called ALPS. Though that store is a little like Big Lots, but a little different. Now the only grocery store I'll probably see it at is either Homeland Stores or Marvin IGA.


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